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Talk is our number and during this program we're going to share some really exciting information about a nutrient that i've been focusing a lot on in the past couple of years it's nicotinamide riboside and according to new study some very very exciting results in a challenging neurological condition eight seven seven seven two six eight two five five we'll also talk about the downsides of tonsilectomy an opera an operation which i regret to have undergone i didn't have a lot of say in it because i was a kid but we may be doing our kids a disservice might take out their tonsils and before we get your phone calls let's talk about exercise that's going to be a theme during this program why do i exercise well some mornings i you know it's kind of hard to get out of bed and whatever regimen i haven't store for myself whether it be running biking swimming strength training yoga sometimes it just not feeling that push myself to do it because the benefits are enormous and this morning it was perfect weather here in new york not too hot we've been experiencing a merciful reprieve from the hot muggy weather of summer and perfect conditions for a nice run i hate it out.

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