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Be forced to close shop. Let's get the latest on the story from komo's Charlie Harger, Charlie Rick. I'm outside the ditch location right now, if you've lived here for a long time like you, and I have you know, this as the old way drive in location. There's a Lowe's hardware. I and other shops as well when Dick's Bill here just a few months ago, they had anticipated being here very long time. However, just behind this location is where the new light rail line. We'll go without light rail line is also something that needs to be maintained. It sound transit. Now saying that this may be one of the locations. They choose for a sound sound transit light rail maintenance facility. Well, that would require is huge hair down the lows in tear down this Dick's now. The owners of dick say, wait a second. We Bill hearing good state. We had no idea. This might happen. There have to be other locations. The mayor of can't is also here. She's pointing just down the street just down the street is the old midway landfill. She says that would be a much more suitable location is just half a mile down the road. And that's really could you meet this on the light rail trains, so far sound transit has not taken this location off. There are five. Locations where they could build that light rail maintenance facility, we're following. This story is developing through the afternoon reporting live, Charlie harder, KOMO news. And Charlie this is the most recent edition right to the Dick's chain of hamburgers. Brand new location. It is just being here. A couple of months rake now, you know, Dick's has had his eyes on making a different locations throughout the Puget Sound area. This they said was one of their key locations that would be the basis for them expanding even more, but this particular location where to go away they're saying you might not be able to expand to other locations nearly as quickly as we had hoped. All right, Charlie Harger in Kansas. He said we'll continue on the story. The Seattle city council now considering a proposal for how to develop the downtown waterfront. Once the Alaskan way by doctors gone. It's a one hundred sixty million dollar plan to build a new park and improve transportation Joshua Curtis with the city's office of the waterfront telling the city council how much it would cost property owners in the neighborhood and median condo owner would have a one time assessment of one thousand nine hundred dollars. They chose to finance that with the city of twenty years that would end up being about eight dollars a month. Plus financing, of course. He says it would cost commercial property owners in the area total of fifty nine hundred dollars which they can spread out over twenty years. Opponents say the cost should be spread out across the entire city. Not just paid my neighborhood property owners businesses along the waterfront say, the dry weather earlier this week helped soften the impact in the blow of the viaduct closure. But a lot of shop owners in that area. Still fear. Wet weather. We'll keep their customers away. When crew started demolition of the viaduct. Mike Osborne was SaaS ios produce telling us there's a ton of apprehension of what's going to happen. When it starts raining and win the three weeks turns into five weeks some shops and restaurants are trying to dry in more customers by extending their hours or offering deals or parking vouchers while highway ninety nine is closed and undocumented immigrants is back with his family. And now gets the chance to stay in the US more from komo's Carleen Johnson. Tacoma news Tribune profiled. Leo, Baena Gomez story last week and undocumented immigrants facing the very real prospect of being deported to bottom Mullah, immigration and customs enforcement officials and picked him up in the parking lot of children's dentist office in late October, and he was likely to be deported because of two prior do you is by his attorney told the judge that Baena Gomez has been sober. Now. More than a year is a hard worker and needs to remain here to care for his wife and five children. But here Gomez, cried tears of joy when the judge surprisingly granted him, permanent residency. Carleen johnson. Komo news. A former teacher in the Marysville school district is sentenced to thirty days in jail for an inappropriate encounter with a fourteen year old student forty nine year old Paul Chaka, pleading guilty this week in a plea agreement that dropped an original felony charge Snohomish county prosecutors say he and the student exchanged sexually charged messages on social media last summer, they later met at a Marysville park where they talked and hug. The Everett herald reports the pair had conversations about planning other physical contact with the girl told someone before that happened that person called police as the government shutdown continues..

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