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The friend that is his life is ruined by his divorce i know i do how many of you be honest no one woman whose life was financially ruined by divorce i don't no i'm not saying again i'm not saying that the structure of financial support after divorce isn't necessary it is for the most part things are changing rapidly but for the most part guys folks on the career and then the woman because of tradition because of the way social norms is he has to put things on hold to stay home and be house maker and then if you're married for ten years and then you're forced to go back in the workforce because guy lazy you deserve to have a period of time where he's paying your bills i i i give that and they make sense and it's real and is legitimate by is it really all that fair to publicly maka guy whose wife is the breadwinner asking for what seems to be relatively reasonable amounts of money considering how much money she makes melby said stevens financial requests are ridiculous he needs to get a job looks like he can afford to be picky about work can you for a moment imagine if a male celebrity told his ex wife in the press this is ridiculous go get a job i also i and i am someone who at at at my core wants to get on board with this women deserve everything men do thing and for a long while in my marriage my wife was the main breadwinner this is not the case anymore but for a long while was any might ego took a beating around it but i still plug way went to work and if we got divorced heaven forbid in the first couple years i'm pretty sure it just would come to that point where he would suck but.

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