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Candidiasis and it's recurrent and resistant to treatment is is to make sure that you've you've checked them for diabetes. Because diabetic women frequently have horrendous. I candidates the volva. Particularly if they're on glucose drugs because you excrete more sugar in your urine and there's an increased incidence of candidiasis the vulva in those. See where i thought you're going with that was to say screened for hiv because of severe canada. But actually that would be far more common. That you'd catch diabetes leave diagnosed lots and lots of diabetes in the clinic and people who didn't know they had diabetes. But yes you're right away so much commoner than hiv but another thing to consider of course so in terms of infectious things in you in the guy. Needham clinic You wouldn't tend to see a whole lot of Omega or less them per se lieuten not to. We don't actually accept those referrals. We send them to. Std clinic waiting. Manage those yeah. I think for the purposes of the residents genital warts are treated the same. As general words in malacca street as moscow and i think the big consideration there which we could maybe talk about briefly And this is more in the context of just genital dermatology. But let's say that you know not in a clinic specifically but you're in your office and you see a younger person that you were concerned about genital warts term alaska. Do you ever find the need to bring up the idea of potential abuse. Or he's a really controversial topic as you know thirty five years ago when i was training dermatology. We we red flagged everybody that had every child that had genital warts from alaska was sent to the skin program for you know suspected child abuse neglect However we now have a better understanding of the infectivity of these viruses and understand that Contact through other means. Besides sexual is certainly possible. So i think it's a difficult situation. I think dermatologists we all wrestle with that question again. We don't tend to see a lot of children in our clinic. So don't deal with that but in a in my office. If i saw a child i would certainly do some initial questioning about other people with words and the family of the people with moscow in their family all h related..

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