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Get it at that point in my life because anybody who's been a twenty five year old man right and now actually looking back on a with the lens of now a complete different experience which is twenty five white man right seriously at that time and you don't realize that you have this tremendous amount of privilege and it's only in the last five years seriously where you're now looking back on it and you're going. Oh Wow right like the innate sense of entitlement I had on and by the way just just as a diversion for real quick. I feel like there's a a great resistance to hearing privilege ripe for for from a certain portion the population. I will say this. I understand the resistance as well because I think when somebody I said to me well you have this privilege. My first response is fuck you. I had no idea nobody I knew nobody in New York and I moved here by myself. I didn't know anybody in the entertainment industry. I grew up poor. I had a great family. I had great schools but nobody gave me opportunities. I made them for myself right. And there is some truth to that however as you get a little older and you look back and if you have people with compassion who are not trying to make you feel bad but just trying to get you to understand what right and you look back and you go. Oh right but this happened and then this happened and then this happened. I was able to do this and then I was able to to do this. Just by function of of my birthright essentially autumn wine. You're a black woman with the idea for sunny. Fifteen years ago doesn't happen doesn't it doesn't happen and I absolutely recognize that but I will say that I also recognize the resistance to it and we have to. We have to be compassionate to recognize that. Everybody's struggling right and that and that hopefully in that struggle you're recognizing that you're not the only one struggling and some people are struggling even more and I heart as it was for me. It was impossible for other people. Okay so beyond that at twenty five. I had this your twenty five year old man. You're just like I can do anything I will do. I can do anything and then it's not so later. You look back and you're like Oh my God. I was woefully unprepared for any of that but my bravado like pushed me through right and I was also continuing to wait tables at the time so because they didn't pay enough money for me to quit when table so to direct the pilot I. They gave me off for two two weeks one week of prep one week to shoot it and then I went back to waiting tables because I didn't know if this was actually going to work. So there was a sense of humility that was also imbued upon me and and and so a lot of ways. It was a blessing that happens so young. I don't know if you're talked to death yet about The weight gain and weight loss at this point but as somebody that's always fascinated by this kind of stuff I have to at least touch on it. So was that also okay so again. A Reno's US but just to put out there you gain what's something like sixty pounds Later on you not only drop it all but then turn yourself into this like insane. A world class ballet sequence I guess my question is is that to test yourself. I mean part of it is I would imagine you're doing a show for five ten into fourteen fifteen years and you're just trying to like keep it fresh and entertain yourself but there has to be something also. This is a personal journey. This is a personal test on yourself as you kind of. Look back on those choices what you think. I don't know what do you think that's about? I you hit it right on the head. Which is that. We're always trying to stretch and do something different and again. This is coming from a place of incredible privilege that we've been doing it for so long that we now look at it. Not only okay. If we're GONNA keep doing it like why are we still doing it right right? And and ultimately we always say we will still do having fun if we still have something to say and the audience is still there and all of those. We just keep checking those boxes every year and part of the reason that it's still fun for us is also part of the reason. I believe that the audience so cup keeps coming back is that we're doing. We're trying to do different things. It still feels like the same show right. We're not destroy the foundation of what we built but that it feels fresh and new and then beyond that on a personal level that I also use the show as as an opportunity to do things that are just interesting to me And that's one of the great things by the way about like when people say you know like. Oh you're on TV or you're famous or whatever. What is that like? And I'm like truly being famous and the level of fame that that I have which is like you know lower on the lower scale of things right but I have the kind of the best version of fame right where I don't get stopped by Paparazzi. It's mostly just people coming up and saying how much they love the show and then you take some photographs on on people's phones and then beyond that a married right with kids so it's not like I'm out there partying and meeting people you know like I. It's very boring lifestyle. So what are the true advantages? The true advantages opportunity. You get to meet the most amazing people and do the most amazing things and you know historically The thing that fame unlocks is that people will say yes to you. More often than not right and traditionally people have taken advantage of that and we're seeing the repercussions of that people are saying. Yes and yes. And yes when they really don't mean yes but you have so much power and influence that they have to and so the the the virtuous or at least Optimistic way of taking advantage of that is that you have these opportunities to do really amazing things positive things and then also just to meet people. You've revered your life or wanted to work with or or fascinated by they'll take your call they'll meet with you right and those are the kinds of you. Have that right here. We're right here with the podcast is basically just a Boondoggle to let me meet. People Admire. Yeah absolutely right. And that's what I and so that so sunny just become an extension of that short right where I get to just. I thought it would be cool and fun and different to change my body like just treat my body as if it was like a nut like a piece of clay and I was going to like mold my body into something sure. You're going to be able to lose the weight when you gained it. Yes you just knowing yourself and talking to a physicians and just like knowing your own temperament that you had that discipline well. It wasn't even discipline too. I mean and I and I make sure that I I. I'm as honest about this as possible. Is that my metabolism is just very fast. That always has been. It's a genetic advantage that I my family has right and it depending on what you're looking to do. It's not always an advantage because if you are actually looking to see when I was a kid I was so skinny and so small and I would get the Shit. Kicked out of me. Like that was a very distinct disadvantage. I was a terrible athlete. 'cause I weighed one hundred ten pounds when I was a senior in high school right off but as I got older it presented a lot of advantages so and I recognize that not. Everybody has that so I knew when I gained it would be harder to gain then it would be to lose and to gain it. I was just consuming thousands and thousands and thousands of calories a day and then to lose it. I just stopped doing. Did Max coming out. Have the effect that you hoped it would did it broaden. The audience stood it. I mean you know you come from an interesting background in that your mom. It's well known. The family ended up coming out and starting a new life. I would imagine there's connections to that but I mean having that sensitivity the last thing you want is to do a story line like that and turn off the Lgbtq community something. That didn't happen now but no in fact I think it was. It was the opposite effect. I mean I think what what we weren't. I was personally not really aware of was how. How large a portion of our already viewing audience was was there already and Because we were always teasing the fact that was in the closet and and I remember we didn't I didn't realize the impact that maybe it was having on people until this is one of those cases where I listened to the audience of one of the season's Mac comes out of the closet and then at the very end goes back in right and we thought OK. If we want to keep that guy going I gotta go back in the closet and okay. That'd be funny well. People didn't find it funny. They were upset legitimately upset and not like screaming or yelling or fuck you or any of that. It was just like I think people were hurt and I didn't think that people are sunny for the reasons that it turns out that a lot of people were watching sunny and it wasn't one or two people it was thousands of people and I know that because I was getting hit up on twitter and instagram about it and I thought wow maybe we have a bigger responsibility to at least be a little bit more compassionate to the experiences of all of our viewers but specifically this particular subset that are watching the show for a very specific reason and it wasn't because and this this would be destroying the show if Matt came out and then all of a sudden became a completely different character. Write that we thought we don't want to do. And that would be way more offensive than what we wound up doing. Which is that Matt comes out of the Closet. Finally and is just as repugnant. And just as much of an asshole as he's ever been if not more now because he can. He can use that card whenever he wants. I'm telling you the response. We got back from the because there was some reticence. I remember people saying no like I don't know if this is the right way to go. Maybe we should adjust them a little bit but the overwhelming response from the audience of LBJ. Audience was yeah thank you. This is because we want representation. We don't want is from our applied. They want authenticity and nuance they. Don't caricatures exactly exactly showing a different side? And we were showing. That's exactly right. And so so there was one particular episode where the character came out and then and then the following season again. Just doing something different. And tonal shift. Now I just I learned how to do a four and a half minute. Contemporary Dance. A little ad. That's the yeah. No list of qualities on the resume going forward. So where are you at right now? So it sounds like you're you're writing season two. Yes sunny as far as we know is continuing for the foreseeable future until you guys collectively decide. That was good. Yeah I mean we just don't approach it I don't think. Tv shows are supposed to end. I really don't think there's an psych philosophy. When was the last time you heard somebody say? Wow like that. Was the best ending to that show. Maybe breaking bad right and and get even with breaking bad. I remember because hated the end of the Sopranos right but also thing about the sopranos was that you didn't quite know exactly it was it was up to you right and we're still talking by the end of the Sopranos Bread. I love breaking bad and it had to end the way that ended right. I don't hear anybody talking about the end of that show. I hear them talking about the show itself and how much they loved it and the rightfully so but it just feels so finite and TV series and again those are dramas but speaking of comedies like the greatest. Sitcom of all time from my perspective is Seinfeld and you know the final episode. Even though Larry wants to talk about how much he loves it which is fair. It's this show. I did not love it and part of the reason I didn't love. It was because they were ending show in in a way. That didn't feel like it was the show because they were right. They were trying to hit every character. But that didn't feel like an episode of the show but beyond that it was the end and I didn't want it to end. You started the show. I didn't start the show when Jerry met George and Elaine and there was a history right there right so sunny starts and we're already there. We're.

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