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Back in December, people signed up on Lee to see their appointments canceled and delayed. So what happened? Washington Post reporting that local leaders acted on bad information and changing directors from the federal government. So What happens now is more vaccines arrived. The BTO peace Dimitry sodas talk about it with Dr Sachin Negroni. He is the medical director for Hell, which is a health care service offering home doctor visits 40 out of the 60 million vaccine doses that have been delivered have been administered. So far, there is promising information that's coming along that visor has moved up its vaccine timetable in terms of delivery. And we see the constant supply coming in. I'm optimistic that with the appropriate delivery systems of vaccines as you see these long lines of people who are waiting to get the vaccine, the demand isn't dying out, and the supply continues to come in that we should be able to get a lot of people vaccinated over the next couple months. And what thoughts do you have about the new variants? And what I'm reading from The Associated Press that getting Cove it, surviving it and getting better is not necessarily protection from getting it. Again. No, it's not. When you get the virus as an infection, you're do mount an antibody response and you do develop it into bodies against the virus. And once you recover, which not everybody does s so it is a dangerous way, whereas the vaccine is a safe way to get built an antibody response. But for the for the majority of people who do recover from the virus itself. They have a very high degree of immunity roughly 99% right after the illness, but at three months out 90% immunity and so you can see there's sort of a one in 10 chance at that point, if you get reinfected that you could catch the virus again, if you come come into exposure, while rare. There's some cases off repeat covered infections within 90 days. While we don't know how long the vaccine last for immunity. We do have more data around how effective it is at preventing severe disease because we know that the virus itself can cause severe disease and we No, that second infections can also do that. And there's no definitive data around that. I'm aware of 2nd and 3rd infections and the outcomes they're in. I know that that is being studied. But there is some anecdotal suggestion that a second infection could be worse than the first. I would encourage those who get the vaccine as well to continue to wear masks. The vaccine was designed to study at protecting against severe disease from the virus, and we don't know how effective it is. Is at preventing an infection. And so once you've been vaccinated, it doesn't mean that you're guaranteed that you can't catch the virus and and also transmit it And so, you know, Wearing a mask and continuing to practice. The same precautions that you would in the community after you've been vaccinated is certainly recommended until we reach a threshold where enough people have been vaccinated that we developed herd immunity. And you hear our public health officials saying otherwise. And there's doctor, Sergeant Negroni of hell. He joined us via Skype. 11 14 Sports is next. Tapes. Yeah, you You wanna buy some low priced groceries? Just follow me into this. Well, let legal grocery store here at legal. We buy in bulk and cut down on cost wherever possible. Then we pass the savings on to you. Trust me. Everything's done. Totally legit, aboveboard. Nothing to be worried about. Yep, Legal is pretty great. It's just your run of the mill grocery store. Except with way way lower prices. Legal suspiciously.

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