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Dangerous. But some of the other guys I mean Miami's played a lot of great quarterbacks Michael Vick certainly was one of them that they had a little rivalry with when Miami and Virginia Tech playing each other Vick was, of course, the number one overall pick. You know the Matt Ryan wanted NFL MVP award if face Tim. This is just recent guys, Russell, Wilson Those are all guys that they that they took on and then you go way back their big east facing Notre Dame on an annual basis, Joe? Montana. boomer esiason when he was at Maryland. A you know look at Jameis Winston Florida State and all the Great Florida State quarterbacks Charlie. Ward I mean they faced a lot of the probably a lot of the same ones that Clemson phase being in the ACC. So you know I think trevor certainly what he's accomplished thus far. Some of the numbers he's put up at this level of the fact that he's twenty, seven one and one a national championship. You could you could certainly make the case that already his resume is up there with with the best of the best of them in actually taught to Joseph Jackie, who's the radio Voice for the University of Miami he calls the Games he's been doing it for the last eighteen years and been been involved in it for the last thirty. In. He says Trevor is up there with the best that they've ever faced. He feels that they're facing a passionate Mahomes, Dan Merino type of quarterback you know, and so I think for sure when it's all said and done when Trevor's careers over in the NFL WE'RE GONNA? He's GonNa have a resume. That's going to certainly make the case he's possibly the best Miami's over face certainly got hall of fame type hair. So no matter how he plays. No doubts are let me get you out of here a little more question. No matter the outcome of this game. I. Think there's a good possibility that these two teams meet up again in the ACC championship. Obviously that's a long ways away. How likely do you think that is Notre Dame's in the mix I understand that but I think there's a good chance me again what do you think about that? Well, I, mean I. Think if Miami's going to get back there if they lose this game, then then it's it's a matter of them running the table. That's the only way you're going to be able to do it, and that's going to require Clemson also beating Notre Dame probably worse than they beat Miami if the if that's the way things play out and it's such a strange year, right? With covid nineteen and everything else that's going on you could always have a player missing game. I think in a perfect world if Miami's remains healthy, they're to be favored in the majority of the Games that they have left I. Think the only game that they probably won't be is is Virginia Tech and that's because the hokies right now are playing well. They'd have to play that game in Blacksburg and that's always been a challenging game for Miami. So if Miami runs the table, certainly I think that they'd have a great shot of doing it but that's easier said than done in today's covid nineteen climate. Absolutely. I guess we should focus on this weekend. We'll worry about the rest of the season later, but I really taking the time to come on with us. I want to encourage our listeners to check you out at the athletic. You've got some great stuff about Miami, the Miami Heat as well. I don't know how much longer the finals are going to be going on, but hopefully a few more games but. Check that out for sure and I also want to tell her about Europe podcast the wide right podcast. You just interviewed Chris Falicov, the bear. From Espn College Game Day that was great interview. He told people a lot about how he got involved. In the industry and he's just a fun guy overall. So I want to tell everybody go listen to that for sure. Yeah. Definitely Chris is One of the best in the business we you know to me, I, Kinda, look at him as a brother from another mother you know I mean I. We're too big too big dudes who love sports and stats analytics and I. Thought it was really interesting to hear how it was that he got into the business I got into it through the writing side and he talked about you know being a statistician and a guy who kinda get got his start you know working in radio and then eventually getting his way over to ESPN and he is a Miami. Grad is a guy who. Attended. The University of Miami. So he he's got a soft spot, obviously the canes and his heart every every single time he makes a pick. But in the end, it's all businessmen whenever he decides he looks at the numbers. I wouldn't be surprised if he picked Thompson in this game as good as Miami played to this point. Yeah I guess we'll find out on Saturday and what's your prediction game I know you've said other places but I wanna I wanna our listeners to hear from you. Yeah. I'm picking the tires thirty eight to thirty one. I. Think this is going to be a back and forth game. Where Miami going to be in the hunt and have an opportunity but the fact that Trevor Lawrence doesn't turn the ball over and Clemson protects its so well I don't have the number right in front of me. I did the research a move probably a month ago now but going into the season but I I know Miami's record when they create more than one turnovers really really good ever since manny has been there in the turnover chain has been out there and I I just think If clemson can protect the football. They're the better team and and they should win this game but So I said Thirty, eight, thirty, one Clemson but I think Miami's got a chance. I think they really do I think. This is going to be an exciting game. The fact that the valley will not be rocking and it won't have a tactile certainly helps Miami. And so I think is going to be a good game and you're gonNA see too good football teams play a good game on Saturday night. Yeah. That's what we're hoping for just some good Games. I feel like the ACC, a ton of good Games recently. So we're we're hoping for that for sure on. Saturday. And I really appreciate you taking the time and we'll see L. Saturday goes but thanks for thanks for your time and thanks for joining us. Anytime you take care. I just want to say another huge. Thank you to manny for coming onto the show today, and the one thing that I forgot to say while he was here was that you should go follow him on twitter and you can find him there at manny underscore very aright. Let's hop right into. We have three specific points that we WANNA make want to make about this game. These are the things that I'm going to be looking for. These are the things that Carter is going to be looking for. and. Of course, you should be looking for these things as well. The first thing that we are keeping our eye on is, of course, the CLEMSON offensive line against Miami's scary pass rush Miami has ten sacks through the first three games which comes to an average of three point, three sacks per game. I'm. Not, GonNa lie to you say that I'm super confident. At this point and Clemson's offense have lied they, they've been solid. Have we seen anything though like? To seen anything of concern somewhat with that. But also like with opponents we've played like, can we take anything from that? No No, and that's what I'm trying to say is that okay so we you know we beat Virginia Virginia's genius obviously the Best Po opponent we played so far I wouldn't say that there at all on Miami's talent level and so yeah concerns me Miami has a couple of dudes fry in manny just talked about that. And they're gonNA be good. So clemson is gone up three six sacks so far this season in three games. and. It's going to be important to protect Trevor Lawrence against this pass rush always. Always. Go down the season's over. Let's. which is the exact reason we don't want him to run although maybe I'll reverse course on a little bit. We'll get to that in a second, but keep an eye on that for sure. The Miami Defensive? Line. In those ends are able to get pressure on Trevor Lawrence and making them uncomfortable. This game is going to be Wide Open Trevor Lawrence is good under pressure manny talked about that as well. But no quarterback is better under pressure than if they have a clean pocket by any means our boy. And I think it's important to we've seen so far that I don't think. Trevor. Lawrence in his wide receivers have impressed so far Trevor Lawrence has but I'm not sure. I'm like Josephine God I'm Frank Lads have been. So not so far now no. So we want to make sure that they apply a time to run through their routes. Give Trevor Lawrence plenty of time to get through his reads and make that happen. There's definitely talent on that Miami defense aside. All right. The second thing would be looking for in this game is we're GONNA, be looking at Clemson's secondary REC- stop Derek King through the air as well as through the ground. He is very good at both that is for sure now there are some positives take away from. Tiger Secondary Against Virginia we obviously had that amazing interception by.

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