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And johnny johnny our just honored to have in studio with us mr nick nichols he's the fisheries cheap for dc in our state mitch nichols we're just gonna keep going to get a few more questions we were talking off air about some of the some of the non native fish species that have been problematic throughout the state we've had we've had had had a few tell us about that and what what the public can do well i mean just announce it often is what the biggest threat to our fisheries resources are and it's not necessarily overharvesting and it's not necessarily always pollution but one that worries us the most are the introduction of non native fish basis and i'm sure a lot of people have saying videos and pictures of taken out in the mississippi river and illinois river these asian carp jumping all over the place and i mean just say hundreds of thousands of them jumping in the wakes vote well asian carp or moving up the tennessee river they they they came up lows fish were released into the mississippi river flood events back in the nineteen nineties or earlier and now they're starting to make their way up the tennessee river we have confirmed that silver car have made their way into pickwick lake now it's not necessarily a reproducing population but there's enough of them there that are guys and some tennessee tech enabled sample probably all from a single year class and they got there about swimming through the navigation locks coming oh no yeah that's how they move they can they can actually swim through the navigation locks that the barges us down river so that's been their prime netted of moving within the mississippi river basin tennessee river basin there's some experimental work this plan to try to install some equipment that might try to prevent are try to scare those asian carp away from those locks when they're being operated but that's still all very experimental this point and we're cooperating working with the mississippi and tennessee and the us fish and wildlife service in usgs doing some work try to pin down where this leading edge of of invasion is for the silver carpet alabama and right now we know is in pickwick but we've actually seen individual fish even up in waiver resume now while so there there's just a matter of when they will become problematic.

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