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This temper tantrum that he seems to throw will not get him his wall. And it'll hurt a lot of people because he will cause a shutdown. Democrats are offering a compromise that would simply maintain. Border security funding at or near its current level. Scott Horsely NPR news, the White House in Strasbourg, France. Authorities say at least two people are dead as many as ten others were wounded after what's being described as a shooting incident near a Christmas market. The country's interior ministry is calling on the public to remain indoors. And what's being described as serious security van in the city center. The reports the gunman has been identified and has a police record spectrum shooter was still at large at last word the European parliament based in Strasbourg was on lockdown. Republican party officials in North Carolina say there's no clear and are clear evidence to warrant a new election in the states ninth congressional district member station. W UNC rusty Jacobs says Moore NC GOP executive director, Dallas Woodhouse says he and other Republican officials have long had concerns about absentee vote tampering in rural areas of the ninth district vulnerability in the system, we always hear and chatter and talk about it. And it has been something that we've been concerned about showing new election would be warranted. Republican Mark Harris leads democrat, Dan McCreevy by nine hundred five votes. The state elections board has refused to certify those results pending an investigation into voting irregularities in bladen, and Robertson counties. The board released evidence showing bladen county officials violated state law by leaking early vote tallies ahead of election day for NPR news. I'm rusty Jacobs in Chapel Hill. Google CEO says the company's reevaluating service in China, though, CEO soon Dr Pichai appearing today before the House Judiciary committee said nothing has been formalized state. Now, we have no plans to launch in China. We don't have a search product. There are our core. Mission is to provide users access to information and getting access to information as an important human rights. Google is not offered search services in China since leaving in two thousand ten which I was also questioned by lawmakers about perceived bias against conservative viewpoints charge. This company has denied a mixed close on Wall Street today. The Dow closed down fifty three points. The NASDAQ was. Up eleven points. You're listening to NPR and you're listening to KCRW. Good afternoon. I'm Steve Chia takes. Here's what's happening right now. LAPD officers say they found a stockpile of photos of nude women and homemade pornography in the storage unit of Dr George Tindall Tindal is a seventy one year old man under investigation for scores of sexual harassment and assault complaints. When he was an on campus, doctor at USC now, the LA times reports today that in the process of following Tyndall detective saw that he was spending some time at that storage unit. So when they later rated the unit they found the photographs which included pictures of nude women, what appeared to be a medical examination room. Investigators say they're trying to determine if the pictures are of patients at the USC student health center where tend to work for decades, if they're not law enforcement officials tell the times that they don't see the possession of those voters as a crime in and of itself, but could be relevant to the larger case Tyndall and his former wife were in the photography business while he was also on. Staff at USC despite years of complaints and allegations USC did keep him on staff until recently and quietly. They let him retire. LA county's board of supervisors today. Tentatively approved a massive and controversial development in the antelope valley. It is called the centennial project two hundred seventy thousand acres located near Tejan ranch. The idea is.

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