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Is the home of the sky sox xtra sports thirteen hundred dan karcher back here on sky sox warm up my guest tonight is the irrepressible brett phillips sky sox outfielder in a second season with the sky sox and we were pretty hard up for a guest today so i decided to grab brett brett how you doing and what's what's the latest dan touch them all cartridge what is my brother that's pretty good you've been thinking of that for the last five minutes sure was you know the opening segment of a interview is always what grabs the viewers attention so there you go or in this case listeners attention since there is no camera in front of us but how are things going for you man you enjoying the season so far oh man colorado springs is a great area you know a great place to hit we have a great team everything's going well you know it's it's not the big leagues where where i wanna be but it's the second best so i'll take this for right now and you know just run with it you mean you mean you'd rather be in the big leagues right now yeah yeah for sure rather be in the big leagues right now you take that travel over the way we travel it's close it's a close call but i think the snacks in the big leagues are a little better so yeah i'm gonna go with the big leagues okay we'll give you time to kind of consider that and may be reconsidered you made your major league debut last year we'd never had a chance to really talk about it after you came back but kind of share with us that was like getting to the big leagues for the first time yeah i think we talked about it but we probably didn't talk about it on air so for the for the listeners my bigleague debut was awesome you know it's one of those experiences that i'll i'll never forget.

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