Cleveland Browns, Hulu, America discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show - Ep. 368 - Like A Phoenix From The Ashes


It's such stupid exaggeration and not even funny it's not even funny it's just done other things that i hate so now the cleveland browns are neiland during the national anthem like enough is enough guys it's just your football players it's it's ridiculous the big story here is that apparently one of the guys who kneeled for the cleveland browns white guy who malice beginning across racial lines hulu who cares who cares or months football players whatever you have the right to do what you're doing i think you're more on it yes i think you're stupid yasser i think that you are disrespectful to the veterans who fought and died for the flag for the national anthem yes there unifying symbols in america that still means something and i think it's ridiculous the or kneeling during the national anthem instead of trying to perfect the union you are seeking to tear it down in these people like frederick douglass would have agreed with me but this is a this is really foolishness here is a hear some of the cleveland browns doing this routine we want to draw attention to the fact that there's a things in this country was only to change and arm ourself we raising our children that don't look like me i walk through markor as well to deal with my cam to raise them in a better environment them we have right now so i want once who picked up with my teammates two during the anthem to pray for our country okay do you think that it really does the union a favor that it really doesn't exacerbate tensions when he neil during the national anthem if you wanna pray learnt wait till after the national anthem and then do a team prayer and then get outs media to what you're praying for is a better future for the country why do you have to use the national anthem is the.

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