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Who was an awesome college player like he's deserved. New deserve the duffle bags bags of cash that were that were toss this this verges on this probably is in the to good category but jalen ramsey. Oh yeah jalen alan ramsey as i'm kinda good idea like that matters no no. That's that's just adversity. That has been over okay but he's he's good enough that it doesn't matter adder. He's good jalen ramsey. If any made a retrovirology ramsey might be the n._f._l. It is likely work done. Yeah no work one hundred blake war done like i don't like yeah you give him whatever award you want. Lawton rules a florida player who if i had to pick like people's champ going way back redel anthony because redel anthony <hes> one look was not scared of anyone including people he should have been scared of and to you celebrated a touchdown on national television by pulling out imaginary shotgun and then emptying into the alabama secondary after scoring tedium in the s._e._c. championship game perfect yeah i was thinking about how tennessee such an unfunded football program in general but every season there's not a season in recent memory that i can't think of having a very strong candidate out there. I mean we're shawn golden. My god i mean holly. Y'all have a we have tyler bray who should probably be some kind of saint. Can we name the trophy after him. You also erin foster if you have a running back a starting running running backs spirit accent entire interview as a dinosaur. He's a people's heisman candidate. I got i was here underrated for weirdos so this is what i was just thinking like we have this reputation as being just like this stayed cranking. Tom michigan state type football but the more the further ethic back the more employing them pinky johnson man yup johnson. I was on john. John henderson sean hands off in addition it just being like no i was thinking of the part of when in pre games when he would climb into the student's section and lead chance of blood makes the grass grow yeah. It's just a big old psychotic grizzly of a man right real sweet dude like real cool bellaigue precious but game yeah derrick barnett. The guy who i was like i bet is that dude has is not physically gifted nothing about him and yet there are nine of him. I think i think like he's the only only player i know of who could actually teleport because i never actually saw him like out of position but i never really saw him run. It was a very button mashing. The style of football yet tennessee is that actually may be the best distributor because the next play..

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