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The costa bullets the real A variety of memories that we had so real applies to we. Are you know nick with the incredible talent said losses still apply for sweden of reecey could've gone on applied for what every beyond about the thing. How can we were really really good. Say it was a good place to live and so yet just men. We always say promotes the Which probably did quite Talk again the dirani. Reflect on as the quality apply netflix. The p p telesis seems leonard. Intelligent sorry cost gone nick. Sorry was you talking chris. almost kenya. kenya doesn't stop. This one is important. This one is tells it seems level headed intelligent going. He's talking about obviously. Thank you please. I saw concise regime. Is it told you is important nick. Yeah kids bikes. Each more difficult. I was experiencing the week flowed really of because you can only say one person's face tommy then you really. You don't know whether somebody else wants to talk nobody else. Nothing except nikki compress think do i just said there's another option on your phone i. There's another option you press about an will give you all six of us on one screen so you can say all over the god. He's only took nine months. I think the chelsea's going jobs as And going about six. Oh seven season. Matinee said loss shifted wednesday now. Highly edible made the hate Ident it's a man soul stygian. It was a it was all set for If you wanted to take the volume me for promotion. I think was sundell. End up getting off his talk in the who is the can you. Was it topic it. Whilst auburn state Food while now dhabi break in the plow fondled in custody tonight that was the good sam it was it was one of them. Were if you were watching on you think he was just meant to later. We got promoted. That's the reason because everything was start against us and said would not be denied. The son of pice sadhana Carried in a bit. Mr the wind that comes through the the the and the you know the the the other was the app which carried him along cristo by the subodh. Unbelievable go unconscious. Twenty minutes left one small so take the picture. Blues eleven complied replied with. I haven't bought probably read it off. Think about him off would be sida. Because he'd kill me even sign and to would be greinke Another three will be grind to will be kills. Centrebacks would be loss Tween to right state because would probably be a bit of a wildcard in that and purely because of his aid. Now look after night. When i come into the books Kobe just talking state would be my upset kenan could he can. He unbelievable Each just other sports on or anyone speaks about it getting kind of.

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