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When no about ryan so you're going to get in there. He's a monster. He's an ego maniac monster so he's going to be in the avid and he's all hopped up on gen to like you can stop him. He'll he'll fight you. He gets all on. Jin hopped up on jimmy's looking for a reception on his mobile network that he owns. Yeah i mean this guy. He's got his hands in everything you know. God he's handsome. He's aging gracefully as me. Who so handsome funny. Yeah so fucking nice you gotta you gotta beat skin department for insincere idea today. Can't thanks rob. thank you so much. Here we've learned so much about you. Look at the teeth to pick a white those damn it. I don't drink coffee jason. I think that's what well yes. Look i you guys have learned so much about me. I have learned nothing about you. Because i know so much about you. All you get one question one question you know. We'll likes to eat. Well i'll say. I am fascinated with with jason well. I don't know how i want to get hold. Everybody at arm's length rolling out ruin out. Well there's obviously there's obviously arm earth's been built up which is the source of his entire persona candy show but i know everything about his family life just because i ask them questions that i'm interested in it and i think maybe at some point you guys maybe not now that's not appropriate but you could do a deep dive into jason's childhood into his relationship with his various family members parents because it is it is. It is various family fascinating. People have multiple families. We don't have enough tissue for that episode. No rob. I've got that was fascinated to learn about your mother's I actually do. I wanna follow up on all that when we get back out on the course that is the one good thing. One of the many good things of applying off. You can have a nice four our conversation with a buddy same thing with going to a dodger game. You know i like that. Lets the dog or this only time. I talked with friends. It's on this one hour or at the dodger game or on the golf course if noticed that you were jason lex about all those things. He likes to be able to not have to look at you while he talks and then he does the only way he'd be into there's an activity involved in a way it can be an intimate as if he's looking at you which is why he and amanda well anyway. It doesn't matter. Let's just say they can. Both the girls really are a miracle and there really is a miracle. Rob thank you so much for coming out man Fucking the best the best. You're the best show a massive fan of all of you guys individually in a massive fan of the podcast as apparently most of america. So thank you for mega mega talent. And we're gonna do this truly and give your love to your mom's for me and And your whole family. We'll do thank you. give my love your love. I love them. You go and give your family with his love. I will probably love you. I love. I love you guys i know what a great guy i that great guy. Can you introduce me to him. And when he when he emailed me. I'm like i said at the beginning. I didn't know him. And now after talking to 'em you go. Oh this is the this is one of those guys those personalities that you could hang out with them all day long and create road created two super successful shows like doing one is a huge feat. He's done it again. And i'm sure he'll do it again. He's just one of those guys. He so talented. And i love that. He just picked up. The jason said on a on an off. Wednesday went to the camera and just started filming the thing like that. I love that kind of advice to younger folks who are trying to like. Why don't we do. How do i become an actor. How do i get into the business. Just pick up a camera and go start shooting stuff. And he did it the His his kindness is Infectious i do. I do love hanging out with love. And he's great. You know the thing. Rob is one of those guys. I enjoy him. More and more than more time i spend with them the more i enjoy him the more i like him. Dear implying you didn't really like much of the beginning. no. I'm saying that. I didn't really know my i didn't know. And then i liked him immediately like increasingly. It's just sort of yeah. I don't know he's a he's a magnet. Yeah i'm i feel. I feel like i would really enjoy. It's always sunny. It you know because i love him and i love charlie hall cast you know so i should just start watching you. Do you like to deprive yourself of certain things to do. I feel like it was allowing many things. I haven't i don't know where to start. I mean we'll talk about in the upper. Never seen er ever seen west wing ever seen dallas or your favorite show. Falcon crest will one single of elderly galactica like gun smoke. I never saw so sixties. But come on i have been you know. I'd never seen soap. You know one of the very good show. You know so a lot of movies tons of movies. I haven't seen exactly you know what i'm never know. What is jason you go first. What's your favorite movie of all time. Currently just one just one two thousand one really really dry enough low and try enough. I mean well well. What i'm asking you i asked you i me. I'm i'm of course if what's yours. Go there Mine is Has been for long time with nail That's right that's right it's robinson But i i didn't know rob until favorite band of all time. Okay led zeppelin. Probably because i'm super gay eraser. Hang on a second hang hang hang. On or depeche mode you're gonna leave brodsky either and to hang on. Wait a second. Your asia erasure. That's at the end of a pencil. Listen listen what did they try to discover a little something to name. Never heard of bad my favorite Maybe of all time might be the smiths. Okay this same. That's my favorite one parent. You know my daughter my fourteen dollars really into the smiths and I said i made a a suggestion of eight like sort of sounding band. Tell me if i was wrong here. Belle and sebastian. You ever heard of them. Oh yeah i made a little mix tape of that The other day or Playlist i think is i don't know them. I gotta check their grade. They're so good to the playlist. Stuart murdoch i who's lead singer of beleza bass in and i had a great Dialogue a few years ago. Because i got him to give us a song for flaked and i got to know a lot of bands through putting the together for this. You know they say that flaked One of the best or probably the best soundtrack in all television has stress according to enemy liked the show. That welded on netflix. That's according to an magazine. I don't know that's not. I didn't say they did They said potentially the best soundtrack of In tv history again you know and and It wasn't.

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