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Medicare claims are likely the result of abuse or neglect, watches Allesandro melido has more on this growing problem and joins us now. What are we talking about when we say, abuse or neglect focusing on physical abuse or net glass, which could be anything from it actually physically abusing person with bruises and, and things like that, or just not taking care of them and the nursing home? Like, maybe not attending to their needs when they're hungry or if they, you know, have an issue, you know, bathroom issue, but they're in their beds, still leaving them in that in that state for a long period of time. The report actually also looked at individual cases. And you could if you read through it, there's some pretty sad stories about family members coming in to check on their loved one. And finding them with John scared of the aids that they're supposed to be, you know, who are supposed to be helping them. It's actually really sad. Do we have any idea why these things are not being reported? They didn't really get to detail about why. They're not being reported just that the had recommended that the centers for Medicare and Medicaid, which was focused on Medicare beneficiaries that they do a better job of trying to investigate CMS came back saying that it's difficult to do that in a timely manner, especially since these could be small cases that aren't you know, if they're not reported it takes a while to figure them out. But there are plenty of cold. I am not the person for like health understanding, how nurses and doctors in put everything into their system, but there are codes they could use to identify physical abuse sexual abuse adult now treatment, things like that. So that law enforcement or others. Could follow back could check this data. We're speaking with Allesandro melido of market watch. If you have a loved one in some kind of home in suspect, their endanger, what should you do? So there are plenty of places that you call if they're immediate danger you. Call nine one one immediately. Don't even think about it. But then there are also services like adult protective services, their local state offices. There are police in general. Maybe go to a precinct market watches. Alessandro melido. It's thirty minutes after the hour on This Morning, America's.

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