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At best on that kind of brings us to the last question to ask you because you mentioned the impossibility. That's dire could snag delegates in Nevada and South Carolina. Who knows where else going forward at the very end of Wednesday night's debate Nbc Chuck Todd asked every candidate kind of game out the possibility of going into the convention with someone with the front runner. Whoever it is having a plurality of elegance but not the majority being need to get the nomination we are less than two weeks away from a national primary and I want to ask all of you. This simple question. There's a very good chance and none of you. We're going to have enough delegates to the Democratic National Convention to clinch this nomination. Okay if that happens I want all of your opinions on. This should the person with the most delegates at the end of this primary season. Be The nominee even if they are short of a majority my answer to that is wait and see until at least Super Tuesday once we get through the first four early states still not that many delegates awarded all things considered when we hit Super Tuesday march third by the end of Super Tuesday but the time all the votes are tallied which granted could take quite some time. Considering California is one of those states forty percent of delegates will be awarded so we will really have a better answer and a better view in that question comes Super Tuesday march third and the big thing about the states is proportional allocation. You know if you win thirty percent if a Republican election some Republican states it's winner. Take all thirty percent. Wins you the hall of delegates not the case in twenty twenty with Democrats in the states the UN twenty-five percent statewide? You get proportional amount of it you know you have to crack a certain threshold the up to fifteen percent of support to get delegates at all so somebody getting seven percents. Come where nothing. But that also means candidates can't just eke out a victory can't beat them by two or three points and one away with a hall. This is kind of what we saw in these early states that You know no matter who won. I were or New Hampshire Sanders and Buddha judge. Walked Away with just about the same amount of delegates Right now before the recount is completed has more national delegates because they had roughly the same vote count and that will really super size itself on Super Tuesday that if in California three candidates break that threshold. That's dividing that big pot among free people that prevents anybody who gets first place from this kind of taking off and then also you've got the fact that there are delegates that come from the congressional right and so you can have different people finishing above fifteen percent in twenty congressional districts than our finishing about fifteen percent statewide. And so you. That's just the way. The delegate division could contribute to the sort of circumstance that that was discussed at the debate. Doesn't mean it's GonNa Happen. I feel like the talk of a contested convention. Always runs hot at some point. In every single presidential primary ever but you can kind of see the contours how we could end up walking down that. Path Zach. Thanks for breaking it down. Thanks Avenue Scott. Dirt CAST will be right back after this short break. Get ready to experience a story. You probably haven't heard a story about what it.

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