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Moving images. But one thing we do know that I was reading about is that in 18 88 Edward My Bridge visited Edison's laboratory in New Jersey. Apparently my bridge was there to suggest a partnership. See Edison and his lab workers had recently invented a device or not. Not quite so recently. It was around 18 77. I think it was patented in 18 78 called. The photograph in the photograph was huge. It was a big breakthrough. It was a sound recording and playback device that was immensely popular. Would later evolve into the record player, though the original photograph both recorded and played back cylinder is not discs. You know if I remember correctly, these pop up in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula, really some of the units, all little bits tidbits from various people's journals and diaries. And, in some cases, their cylinder recording. Dr Seward, does he do dictation on photograph cylinder is you see, I don't remember exactly which characters I know It's not Dracula. Start recording contract and there no chapters from Dracula's perspective. Unfortunately, But yes. Oh, so Edison and his people they had the photograph, and that was this very popular revolutionary technology could record in playback sound. And so in February of 18 88 my bridge showed up with an idea. He said. Hey, let's collaborate. A pair Your photograph with miso praxis scope and will have sound accompanying moving pictures. Which is perfect like that's exactly the direction things we're going to go in. Edison passed. It was like not interested, but then pretty much immediately. Addison moved on the idea of creating an improved motion picture capture and playback device quote to do for the eye. What the photograph does for the ear, and this would be the Connecticut scope that we mentioned a moment ago. So I don't think you can say that Edison was stealing my bridges idea because what they would eventually come up with was so much better and more practical than the sow Praxis Praxis go. But it does seem right that he thought, you know, Instead of partnering with this guy, I could just make a much better version of his thing. Whether that's crooked or not, I don't know. I'll leave that up to you to judge.

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