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He brings up the <hes> about a year not inherit the kingdom of god so it is speaking about the afterlife yeah but that's the context of this is. This is a hard thing for you. James context the context says in verse sixteen but i say walk by the spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh so this is how we live our life eamon that enters into a person and makes them do things is that do you believe we're puppets and god is just puppeteer that <hes> we would be able to go there and and that was a that was a blessing but <hes> without some of the donors we might not be able to to do that so all right. Jeff is going to try to come in next week. Maybe during the week jeff and i can work offline too so i will read cody's email now or question that he sent me justin <hes> so sorry. I'm gonna look that way because that's where the screen is and but here's here's his question he's got two of them and so he says question one. I have a young native american friend asking if it is wrong for him to participate in dances with his tribe doesn't does at different venues that just showcase native american heritage and tradition. Most of the dances were to petition deity rain dances or some kind of thanksgiving to address for successful hunt or asking for a successful hunt. I personally likened it to yoga that it. They are pagan ceremonies. Christian shouldn't be part of what you to say so just what do you think you know. He's he's a native of american. That's do wants to do native american dances that used to have the meaning of it being toured a deity. Can you practice that today. In different situations the situations yeah. I would say that would be problematic if if it is if these dances are in some someway connected to spiritual spiritual overtones connected pagan deities the rain god or you know whatever the crop ghader. I wonder if if there is a connection that yes that that would be wrong in. It's not that these gods little g of course it's not these our real. They're not <hes> but <hes> but they are connected to pagan notions of god's pagan gods anna hannah. Thank you see that principle laid out by the puzzle offers creations <unk>. I think it's very good parallel right here. <hes> <unk> read i corinthians ten the beginning about verse fourteen else's will lose nineteen. What do i mean the end that i think sacrificed to idols anything or that. An idol is anything so no. These items aren't real. There's you know no but a say things which thinned out gentile sacrifice they sacrificed to demons and not to god so it's not that these gods are real but <hes> anything that raises itself up as a deity is is demonic spire so the god may not be real but they're actually aren't demons behind these pages of shifts so if if there's a connection there in some spiritual sense i would say do not do it as a lever. Don't do it now if it's purely of if it's purely cultural like a i don't know you think of an example of i don't know like a a square dance at bluegrass festival. You know that would be kind of a cultural thing or a or a river dance guest from ireland. You know something that's just cultural. It's not it's not connected to any kind of spiritual since then. I don't think it would be a problem but but if there is that connection yeah i would say don't do it. I guess i would i think that <hes> i agree with you. You know i liken it to and you know that i have the background martial arts and in the early years of martial arts <hes> it it was was very much tied to at least some of the some of them were very tied to a religious type of thing and i think that when we have that when he has that connection to the to whatever it you know this that spiritual idea then i think we have to be a little bit more concerned but the karate started shifting and changing and nowadays people see it as exercise or self defense or you're just good to you know just i guess really the one of those <hes> into it doesn't have that spiritual component associated with it anymore. I think some of the issue cody you mention attention the yoga and yoga i think still has that spiritual connection that karate lost brazilian jiu to never for head it just saying there's it's not a spiritual component to that but what we end up seeing is that you know if it has that notion that there is a spiritual component to it. I think that then we have to identify it and say maybe stay away so that's how i would say i think maybe some of the native american dancing may be you find because people don't realize it's to a deity and it's lost that spiritual connection used to have and now it's just something people see as a traditional traditional dance of native americans so i wouldn't really be able to give one hundred percent answer only because i'm not familiar enough with the culture to know if it has that spiritual side to it so <hes> on is really would be a question for your friend to see how much of the people who are watching that dance or doing the dance think that there's a spiritual connection to it and if no one sees that it's there's any special connection. Maybe it's okay but i would be. I'd be careful and so <hes> his second question. Justin cody second question was what is a christian to do with a loved one on on life support or in a coma or nkhoma told by doctors. They will never come out of it. I don't believe steve. We have the right to take the life by pulling the plug and there's way too many stories of people coming coming out of these conditions. So what do you think about that one. Just him will after cathy. Take my wife that if i were if i ever am all life support. I'm just being kept alive by machines. <hes> in that it goes on i mean i. I don't want to stay there. You know i just take me off life support and if god wants me to with a wheel if not then i'll go to heaven so <hes>. I guess that's a decision that it's just left up to the family members <hes> me personally i would be kept alive on a breathing machine now if there was some reasonable hope for vaguely to recover. That's one thing but if it's you know if it's all the doctors pretty much agreed that it's just he just can be a life sport. Indefinitely that's only keeping alive and he's not aware you know. I'd rather go so it's just a family decision. I don't wanna. I don't wanna put my hands all the if that's something that's going on in your family. Now i wanna influence that other than just say if you know pray for the family members recovery and if if that does not appear to be happening suspicion artificially kept alive if it were me there i would want you out once you just let me go joint decided amongst your family members. I think you know my wife and i've talked about this as well and i think that what i notice is i think i would have a differing view depending who the family member is in other words. If it's if it's someone who is saved saved. I think let them you know let them go. <hes> remember first off one of the things we have to remember number. I think when we look at the premise of the question it is about the fact of there being artificially kept alive by technology and is it taking of the life to let nature take its course no words. The machine is what's keeping them alive. Are you actually actually killing them by unplugging them. We yes and no i mean it's it's not exactly the same only because had they not been on the machine. They wouldn't be alive. The machine is keeping them alive and so part of the thing that you have to work through. I think is the question of is this device. That's keeping them. Alive is it. Is it killing them by taking it off or is that that natural circle nature taking its course now if they're an unbeliever personally i i've said to my wife that if someone comes as an unbelievers was on <hes>. I think i would be more likely to want to see them. Stay alive as long as possible so that they they could repent. That's would be my position but if it's someone who's a believer hey i mean we'll see him. In heaven and heavens wtn's way better. Let them let them go buick christ. I mean that would be my position so i'm just added in vincent vincent mute yourself now. I know you're going to get this working because you helped me test this out so how'd royal gentlemen god bless vincent much so i am very glad that tomorrow friday that's all i can say so. You have any questions for us vincent north probably for for justin well. I only come on that so i don't really really know where y'all are on at the moment so well. Let's see we we were talking about. Josh were harris leaving the supposedly leaving the faith which he really didn't do we talked about we talked with a roman catholic traditional catholic so you know how that went that went just as usual usual y'all see that other singers response from skillet to the all these all dropping away eh an interesting reply yeah it was it was it was pretty good. I kinda doubt sit it. Was i've heard of skillet. I don't know anything anything about him. Up music's not not not exactly my kind of mute either but he makes a lot of good points he did and and i guess in a way i was gonna say this pleasantly surprised that he did it because i don't <unk> sorry but you know i've seen too much from contemporary christian music to have to go into a situation like that and and i give them the benefit of the doubt unfortunately most all all but most of these guys are pretty weak the logically but anyway but yeah from what i read. I thought that was pretty good so let me see we had a question in here. I don't know if you're going to want to answer sir. I'll be happy to someone's asking although i think they called you. Just teen edited added in there. So how are you identifying today there today. Just in today's i woke up feeling like command like every other single day of my life. It's it's motorol. What can i say. I'm just on a roll well. Maybe tomorrow feel like just eat okay so the question is what are your thoughts on discernment ministries especially service christie <hes> now you could just speak on discernment ministries if you want. I'll be happy to talk about joshua service christie tapie to let you talk about joshua. I'll say a little bit about a long story short. He i contacted me ye five or or so years ago and initially he seemed actually nice a teachable in humble but the more i talked to him. You got increasingly belligerent and increasingly off the rails. I mean just like to the point where he thinks. Pastors are on biblical typical preaching is unable. I mean it's just a looney tunes and anyway some of you probably know but he called me any trying to get me to condemn macarthur in unbeknownst to me. He's recording the phone. Call put it up on youtube and you you know i said nothing in that conversation that i'm ashamed of an is funny because a a month or two ago i was i went looked at it and i was reading the comments communists in the in the youtube in the comments section that youtube video it literally all of that i saw i'm sure there some that are not complimentary towards me but all the ones that that i read and i read a number of of or or in my favor so my my flesh is like <hes> the email oh josh <unk> <unk>. Thanks josh appreciate you. Put that up there. You know adopt. He's a he's one of these guys. That thinks that everybody on the planet is lost except him and <hes> he has a hyper hyper separatist he is he's angry in. Here's the main thing here's the ear spiel joshua he's got no church not member of a church russian in all of my critics without exception to the loudest and most vocal in angriest of the the critics that i get one thing they all have in common or members churches well and this is one of the things is you know i actually shing no joshua personally <hes> he. My first encounter with him was in new york city where he did. He came to new york city to do evangelism <hes>. He doesn't know the laws in new york so in new york women are allowed to be topless. It's something i can't stand <hes> and basically i. I know that when we do the open air <hes> you know they want to come over and display themselves and and you know so i had already talked to her basically called her out on her sin told her to stay away from us and we will just basically ignored ignored and not be calling her out but he did. He came up. He kept calling around. He kept calling the police because he thought it was wrong. She was topless and he's calling me an unbeliever ever because i won't condemn her not realizing i've already talked her but he doesn't take that into account and what ended up happening is. He ended up just basically what the police did is. They came and they only wanted to know who kept calling and they basically siklie. Turn my microphone off because they assumed it was. It was me or someone and you know he's. He's a very effeminate guy. <hes> he works works as as a like.

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