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KFBK Morning news this morning. The powerful Union representing California Public school teachers says they're teachers will need to be vaccinated before they return to school cave because, Nick um a guys with story the California Teachers Union is asking Governor Gavin Newsom if their teachers can get Cove in 19 vaccine before the state more widely reopens classrooms in a letter that California Teachers Association wrote to new, some, saying the vaccines are essential to the return of in person learning. The union insists that the state meets a ramp up vaccination before reopening is safe. Last month, Newsome introduced a proposal offering schools two billion We're testing and protective gear to reopen schools in the short term, Nick and Meg all his news 93.1 Cappie can this morning There is a new secretary of state in California K P Case, Marshall Benson With the story. Dr Shirley Weber has been confirmed by the state Senate to become California's top elections official. Weber was approved by a unanimous vote. The former Assemblywoman, was first elected to the Legislature in 2000 and 12. She chaired the Assembly Budget Committee for the Assembly Committee of Elections. Prior to that, she taught African studies at the San Diego State University for four decades. Whoever replaces Alex Padilla, who is now the junior senator from California in the United States. Senate Marshall Benson News 93.1 kfbk Elsewhere in the news this morning, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi has been ripped down in a park in Davis can't because Mike Blunt with that tensions between the Indian and Sikh communities, and Davis are building up over A statue of Mahatma Gandhi statue was a gift to the city of Davis from the Indian government in 2016, however, earlier in the week the statue was toppled from its base. Officials are still investigating why the statue was vandalized. However, when it was first installed in the city's central park. Some members of the Sikh community protested its present saying, God he was a racist and molested his teenage grand niece, Mike Blunt news 93.1 KFBK. Hundreds of Sacramento area residents are still without power this morning, smart officials Say they've restored power to more than 200,000 homes. But more than 300 Smud customers have been without power for three straight nights. Heavy snow has led to a new avalanche warning this morning in the high Sierra.

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