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This there's so much nasty as early up to I don't know but I think he's in bed with him and he's not to be one hundred percent trust at this because this is not a cavalier issue. He's really dismissed. This from the get go. This is the second time of hurt him like Cranston decided shut up already can do whatever you want as long as a safe vaccine. That's not what the law says very disappointing. If you WANNA know how. These things work with forced vaccinations. Let's take one particular case in one minute and thirty seconds. Of course it's a Robert Kennedy junior and it's never good audio with is good audio but his throat as tough. But it's worth listening to. He's going to explain how force vaccinations work. And why in this case the hepatitis? B Vaccination which every child in the United States receives at birth how that came to be a mandatory vaccine for children in the United States. And I'm sure it's similar. In other countries. Appetite is back in ways. That was the sign or appetite is really only acted groups which were smell homosexuals intervene. His drug users share needles and a prostitute so engage and protected tax. The back pain was designed for the US groups because they were getting hurt. My appetite is a when Merck created the vaccine it turns out it couldn't sell an economy. Those particularly no interest in buying a burke went back to see and said listen. We made the factory or not. Make any money on those vaccines. You need to do something to help us. So she said Oh problem we mandated for babies but normal childhood some other is not infected as zero-risk and will not have as at least until their mid deans change and yet we give that every day. They're born with seen only lasts for two years that he has been injected on their own between the they're worn day. They're two years old. There is zero chance that they are going to engage in sexual acts or be involved with the prostitute or shoot share needles. And so all. This is the only reason for that. Accident is eight financial benefit at Berkeley and now glaxo amounting mandated to children. It's disgusting and they tried to pull the same thing with Gardasil. It was the same idea. You need this young young child baby baby boy for for Genital Warts. Baby boy go. You need this is discussing. And you know how many schools have not mandated by into it. And if you're against it you're an anti VAC sir. Well that leads me to the last series. Then I can rule these out. We have a new doctor. Who's making some noise disguise? Very well spoken. He is from California was on another local station out in Sure Wearing Orange County. His name is Dr Jeff Bark and yeah this thing is going around the I. I'll tell you before you play it. I had this clip What bothers me I like. I like his message. I think he's right on the money he gave a spiel. It was done. It's like kind of a video. Pike is what bothers me. He's got two little little emblems on his jacket on his collar of the American flag. And that's on. The looking at him is on the right and on the left is A. Don't tread on me flag. I have one of those on my my new holster do you. Yes it's beautiful. Wait until you see this fantastic. So that media. I don't like to sort of type of virtuous signaling right. I don't like yes. Well in fact I was going to play it with that in mind pre announcing. I have three short minutes fifteen clips from him. What he's saying is correct but he is he. He actually says well. It's too bad. This is being politicized. But he's obviously politicizing and himself and that's an overall issue but I just pulled a couple of things. I thought were interesting as he identifies. I and complains about the incredible pushback that medical doctors and professionals have received from the mainstream over alternatives to lockdown or even discussing it in general and we have examples where that actually didn't happen when you look at Sweden when you look at South Korea when you look at Thailand and other countries where they didn't have the draconian lockdowns like we have here. So it's possible that there'd be more people killed as a result of this virus but it's also possible that we would have reach herd immunity quicker and we'd see this virus now quieting down like we've seen with other respiratory viruses in the past and there are some prominent epidemiologists Envir- Allah that put this message forward. But what happens there band on Youtube? Facebook blocks them the mainstream narrow narrative the mainstream media never gives them any airtime except to criticize them. Here's Dr So. And so who says the following then they have their own expert that says no way their fraud and and by the way did you know that they got a speeding ticket. A few months ago or something of that sort. So there's this narrative that's going forward and I'm not sure why I don't want to believe Mellon tent from a motive standpoint but it's hard to believe say what I believe Mellon Tent. He'll bring that ordered. I'm not sure why I don't want to believe Mallon. I think the reason he saying this is because he's very political and he's got to read his thought bubble. I think this is mel intent. I think that's what he's saying. Really come on we. We know how this goes and especially with the. Don't tread on me. So we know his position from a motive standpoint but it's hard not to believe that some on the left in the mainstream media really hope that we can continue this on long enough to elect our president and. I'm sorry to say that but I think there's some there's some truth to that. I don't want to believe that politicians and decision makers have that perspective but I think some of them lean in that direction where. They're not entirely disappointed. That this mainstream scare is going on To the extent that it helped bitter did it. Hurts president trump? I think he's absolutely correct. But let's get down to the basics and not the political part the coating of Covid nineteen death. This is a big issue. Even with the New York Times they had one hundred thousand death the faces the names hundred thousand names at which already one has been identified as a gunshot victim just recently. There's an article. I just ran and the Pacific northwest. I think I may have posted it on twitter where It looks like two or three gunshot victims have been credited this coded. Yes and this possible. This is what I hope comes out of. This is that the public at large stops believing stops believing in the bull. The starts doing their own work. That we have enough connectivity. You couldn't believe what you want to. There's a lot of documentation lots of the by the way. Trump is not absolved of any hanky-panky with the vaccine and pharmaceutical business. Here's one I found you remember when he fired bright the farmers she'll who've been in and out Rick Rick Brightest his name at bright. Yeah Dr Rick Rick. Bright yet so he is far Michelle. He's been in and out of government and Vaccine Business for the twenty years three years in three years out doing his business so trump somehow he gets demoted pushed away and then trump brings in dr slowly. Sa L. O. U. I. Along with a general and they're going to be running operation warp speed. There's about one hundred vaccines now in development one hundred different companies. Well Dr Slough is a former member of the board of Directors of Moderna Inc the number one vaccine contender. So it's all shoes everywhere and digital anything about the vaccine is not that they're going to even develop a vaccine. It's the money the just the money they don't even care. If does a vaccine is designed to get everybody's afraid and nobody blinks and I when they start throwing tons of money at vaccine development The problem we've seen over and over is we have no reliable data therefore the models are good. We have just numbers of people who are dying. Did they die? Do there is another great document in the show notes the CDC numbers just good to look at them comparing twenty eighteen. Nineteen Twenty Nine Thousand Nine hundred twenty twenty season actually saint. We had four thousand less left desk less deaths overall in In two thousand nine look at the chart. I'm confused now. Anyway that's the point who's dead. What were they coded as in Koo? Who's who's who is infected. Please tell me what's happening Dr Bark? I've heard that some doctors are over. Attributing cove in nineteen as the cause of death with a lot of their patients are doctors motivated to get as many code of nineteen patients as possible so he can receive federal funds. So I don't WANNA say they're motivated to but there are incentives in place and the incentives are based on good motives. Meaning that if a hospital system is overwhelmed because we're treating patients with his virus than we're gonNA reimburse them at a higher rate to make up for some of the work in difficulty in trauma that they've been experiencing by taking care of these patients so there are mechanisms in place to reimburse hospitals but the only way they can track that is by tracking the number of covid nineteen patients and the number of deaths that are associated with covid nineteen patients so what we do see is happening is is patients that died but without a laboratory diagnosis they're getting coded Covid. Nineteen and there's this natural human tendency to lean in the direction of something that is economically benefiting their healthcare system when I code On our electric medical record systems there are coding for covid nineteen and The the the the organizations that provide these coatings lettuce know what the what the what the cost and benefit is for for making these codes. So I don't WanNa say there's dishonest doctors out there that are doing this purposely. But there's this natural tendency to lean in the direction and code in a way that will ensure higher reimbursements for a healthcare system. That's overwhelmed then. You heard right there in the beginning. He says we get reimbursed. Was Different Reimbursement and I. It's administrators I don't know if only the doctors are doing this or whatever it is but it's clear that the data is not clean which another reason excited about talking to the dog on Tuesday to more clips. I'm going to lead you right into your Roxie series.

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