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San Antonio city government municipal government. How did it all began a lot of people don't know that Jim Forsyth does. And we're going to honor those people. Yeah. Chris last year. I got a lot of questions about if seventeen eighteen was the founding of San Antonio. Why does this say seventeen thirty one on the county flag and on the shoulder patches of bare county sheriff's deputies well seventeen eighteen was the year that the San Antonio river was discovered in named the Spanish created a Presidio here. They created a fort at obviously, the the friars came here to start building the missions the mission San Antonio Davis being the first to try to convert and train the native Americans. But there was no civilian settlement in San Antonio and tell seventeen thirty-one, and that's when Spanish king Philip the fifth started getting nervous about the French who have obviously over New Orleans. And they were casting covetous eyes on Texas, and he wanted to make sure he had a firm settlement in his province of Texas. So he went to the Canary Islands, and he found fifty-six residents fifteen separate families who he gave land grants to in. What is now San Antonio and their journey. Here was something of legend. They were dropped off by a Spanish galleon at the port of Veracruz, and they walked twelve hundred miles from Veracruz to San Antonio. They really wanted to be here and tomorrow. A fascinating statue will be unveiled tomorrow is the two hundred eight th anniversary of the arrivals of those fifty-six canary islanders in San Antonio. And that took place on what was what they then named plaza de Las east Louis in honor of the islands where they came from. It's now main plaza right in front of the bear county courthouse, and the statue will represent a man and a woman canary islander. A native American Spanish soldier and a Spanish friar all of whom would have been part of that meeting. Because obviously the garrison in San Antonio would have been notified that the canary. Islanders were coming with the permission of the king, and they were going to create settlements in San Antonio. They were a busy group within three years after arriving here. They had laid out plaza de LA ceaseless as a commercial center, they had navigated the San Antonio river all the way to what is now Breckenridge park and in seventeen thirty four they laid the cornerstone of San Fernando cathedral. The city was called dot San Antonio at the time, but San Fernando debate har- was what they named the city of San Antonio only became San Antonio later, but tomorrow, the Spanish consul general representatives from the canary islanders there will be prayers from native Americans. And this fascinating sculpture will be unveiled at the very site where the location of that first meeting took place two hundred eighty eight years to the day after it happened, and that became the first civilian government in the state of Texas and in reality, the first civilian government west of the Mississippi when they selected the first all day from among the canary islanders and established the first city council and established the first of what became the model for city governments in Texas and across the western part of the United States. So it was a significant event, and it will be marked tomorrow with a statue honoring the first families of San. Tonio those fifteen families from the canary islanders from the Canary Islands who arrived here two hundred eighty eight years ago tomorrow my goodness. I can't wait to go down there and see that statue. That is absolutely fascinating. Well, we got lots to talk about all morning long. There's so much going on keep it right here on NewsRadio twelve hundred w ho so it's finally time to sell your home. No need to fear week perch, doing business in San Antonio, this is Megan Bishop and perch is the easiest way to sell your home. They've been here year now..

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