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Okay right then that's from don't tell mom the babysitter's dead christina applegate class now you would never seen it so we made you watch and and look first of all kinds of say the reaction of mark and cj during that theme song was truly funny inky says much god cj space says everything you know if we can't mike your face come on now everybody let me sorry sorry what what part but this is the pod come on the theme music to don't tell them all is dead naxi yeah what did you think okay first of all let me just tell you movies what has no they have not think i can remember everything okay no i forgot why we don't have marketing yes all right now because every time someone is okay so he picks it up blow okay anyway i loved it and let me tell you why loved it it was a time i love these time capsule movies it was so is that was in the nineties like the early ninety one if he'll very eighties but i love it was so okay first of all it was so outrageous crazy fantastic like that could never happen when what happened in that movie could never really happen second of all i loved i love the fact that.

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