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Quest ex ante Wilson. And I have you covered. Come. Join us chat with us. And we're also going to be launching a bunch of new stuff on the cosmic west website. But the the gist is, you know, this is the essentially going to be the most distant object that human beings have ever reached its way out beyond Pluto. Ultimate phooey. Another Kuyper belt object. It's been a bit of a mystery as he space craft is approaching the object. It's not brightening up in the way that astronomers were expecting, you know, they were expecting to get a few details to see the way it was changing brightness. Maybe that would mean that it's got a moon. Maybe there's some kind of dust around it. But it's still a bit of a puzzle. So when it actually does arrive on New Year's day, it is going. Going to be the first insights that we have to this whole new place and will look the same as poodle will it look different from Pluto. And and Sharon, we have no idea it's truly mysterious and watching people be deeply confused at this objects. Refusal to vary in brightness is so much fun because. Yeah, it's not behaving. The way we expect an object to behave which means that it's either like the most boring service ever is uniquely aligned with us is rotating super weird. This is an object that we need a closer look at and we are getting a closer look just in time to force us to get up early in the morning on ear stay. Yeah. I can't wait and. Reading this. They will be able to see these pictures. But the, you know, the time frames that are going to be going on our mind bending like it is so far away the images are gonna take so long twenty months for the data to just trickle back home. So we won't really see all of the pictures that we're taking in this brief period of time for twenty months. So we'll get the thumbnail thumbnails. We'll get the full rich full of dramatic versions. And the hope is that this isn't going to be the end of of new horizons that there could be one more object in in the works. If they can find something that's sort of in its cone of you know, trajectory for the future. So so stay tuned. I can't wait. And again by the time, you listen to this you'll with the pictures look like so so it's like we're already talking with something that happened in twenty team. But we don't know, you know, but we don't know. Which is weird. All right. But it's gonna be exciting. So so then I think we are moving somewhat through time here. So why not I wanna talk about the Chinese mission to the moon, and we actually talked about this in twenty teen Chong of four and it set up the relay station at the far side of the moon, and it launched the the the Rover Lander and now in just what January third so again, literally by the time, you do the show. This might have already happened. The rover. Lander is going to be touching down on the far side of the moon for the first time. We're going to see this bizarre tumbled up chewed up landscape. That is the the other side of the moon. Not decide we see. But the side we don't see and well this mission isn't people'd they're building up towards that. So in the future. Cher- it Vitmain very well be that. It's Chinese astronauts who are the first humans to go to the moon and our lifetime. Yeah. Yeah. I don't care who who does it. Go china. Go space x go US. Go europe. Somebody get to the moon. Before the while this we'll talk about this later on. But the of course, the fiftieth anniversary of the moon landing is coming up. So what else have yet? So the thing I'm looking most forward to and at this point. We don't know when it's gonna happen is finding out the temperature profile of the soil on Mars this. This does not sound like the most exciting thing in the world or on another world. But for years, I've been going to conference talks I've been hearing people talk about well, if this is true that is true. Then we have liquid possibilities underneath the surface. And I want to know what is that temperature profile on Mars..

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