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It's legal if you do smoke currently where you keep your same supplier, or will you buy it legally, 1 800 to 831 on 1.54 48. Here's New Jersey Fast traffic. He gets a big troubles. Now, in 19 that south and side coming out a 78. It's a crash and the two left lanes of the local lanes coming in through New York, and this report is sponsored by Panera Bread. Flatbread pizzas have hit the menu at Panera and whether you get the cheese margarita or chipotle chicken and bacon. You'll be getting cheesy, saucy goodness. Banaras new flatbread, pizzas air here. Restrictions apply. Tough time on the parkway going north to 1 45. That's a crash in the right lane on a south and traffic on the parkway in the Union, and 78 is a mess. Now in the local lanes coming, he's down to the Garden State Parkway. That's the grass that needs to be cleared out of the way turn by traffic's been moving along pretty well. Eastern Western spurs of the car and the truck lanes 18 south and traffic coming down towards the turnpike heading into the East Brunswick vicinity and you got so traffic on Route nine. Heading in through Lakewood, Tom Rivers, newjersey Traffic North, Jill Myron Newjersey traffic self so to 95 South bound still continues to be a little bothersome exit 32. Haddonfield Berlin Road route 5 61 down through to route 20 exit 29. That's why Doors Pike route 30, and that's where we had that car fire that is pushed over to the shoulder. Still attracting some attention and the Ben Franklin Bridge slow across the span. Leaving New Jersey Don't forget about the average 40 East bound roadwork right by black horse Pike in the right lane. Closed down for some electrical repairs. And in Mercer County, the general back up and everyone South found, you know and love from 2 95 30 Baker's based on Franklin Corner Road. Any Jersey fast traffic is every 15 minutes. Next.

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