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Of art and artists kirsten told me of bobby's life and how difficult it was for him growing up the poverty the absentee father a mother who did her best but she battled too many demons i was astonished now for those of you who are unaware of bobby he's the youngest ever inductee into the national radio hall of fame he's a new york times bestselling author a multiple award winner for on air personality and his radio show is nationally syndicated on over a hundred stations with five million daily listeners but all of this success well it came from a boy who grew up with no money and in a town with little opportunity he's a great example of hard work and never say die attitude but the greatest thing about bobby is that he's a tireless supporter of artists he's helped launched the career of many musician and has broken the rules when it comes to using his platform to bring unknown and unheard of talent to his radio show if bobby believes in you you have a real champion on your side that's why kristen told me of bobby second book titled fail until you don't fight grind repeat net books available for purchase on june nineteenth i was immediately on board when i read the book i found the motivations behind it to be purely beneficial to the artists who deal with failure each and every day he knows the level of determination positively it takes to overcome obstacles and he's very blunt about his failures both personal and professional his writing style is unconventional which makes it an interesting read and the wisdom he dispenses along with some of his famous friends who also lend their stories of failure will it added to the narrative of the book with chapters titled not everyone's going to like you and my personal favorite the art of sucking it up there so many uplifting funny and poignant lessons for all of us use in our daily lives so when the book comes out on june nineteenth should definitely have a look at it i think you'll find that gives you the boost you need to continue and challenging times we all face i want to thank you for listening as always i do hope that you got something from this episode and that you will actually review how you refine reduce your work before you allow it.

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