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We welcome you end episode Twenty Six. Well let's have some fun here. Eleven twelve thirteen. Yeah boy twenty. Yeah right guys twenty. I did a whole rush riff last week. That fell on deaf ears. Twenty six thirteen also because I stepped on it as I'm doing now a second time. You've stepped on my terrific Russia. If every time you say rush I feel the need to jump in and stop you from a protected from yourself really well. I appreciate you looking out for me. remember me when. I'm seventy nine years old and I can't take my cock and Piss on my own welcome into I hope. I hope that's not until I'm in my eighties by the way. I hope I don't have to be that person. I'm going to close this out here and continue talking to you guys. Welcome in Happy Memorial Day. We are recording this Memorial Day because holidays don't exist anymore is just another day Ordinarily we would take today off record on Tuesday. But that's what's the difference man. What's the difference if we recorded tomorrow? No Difference in this quarantine dailies existence that were in. What Day are we in jeopardy counting from March thirteenth? Anybody boy counting got calendar and new hair nine days up. That can't be drew. Is it up either. I don't know it's got to be closer. Who Marched April to May Twenty? I'm going say hang on now. That's three days seventy three days. Now when did we and we? We started talking about this one so we got distracted by it but we did the episodes with Matt Blogger. And Tony Paxton Dave Holmes and then the next week was Andrea savage and map Ben. So that's the last time we were in. The studio was the is at the entrance. I believe that's true fits true. So what day did we record those because that'll be that's our own personal That would have been The march twenty. Look that up. I got that I'm you know what I think I have on my computer guys. I I can look stuff up guys now. We can all look up stuff and then we're not no one's present in the moment. I can continue talking. I've got the ability to do to the okay. So broader was recorded on three sixteen savage three twenty three so there it is Chris Regan Christina with Andrew Savage. Yeah Yeah then rich summer and Tony Saxton were those also in the studio that was also in the studio. Yeah I think that's it was march. No Mark was our first one in the At home No that doesn't sound right at all. Not at all let me hold on. Must've been our memories are getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Let's call it three twenty three for the number not funny because there's no way that Marc Mero was afraid. We did rich summer from the house. Although I remember giving rich the option do you WANNA commit? Maybe that's the one that we thought about going in but then we didn't. I could figure this out by just looking at the files on my computer because take a look if I have the your garage band files from that episode. Then that'll prove that all right. We were definitely in the studio for twenty six five rich summer. We were in the studio on number set on the radio right now that was released April first. So Elliott. Just you know. We're using virtual background so it looks like in the studio even when I'm not so keep that in mind when you're sure sure but I can tell the difference right but I want you to know that I'm like right now. I'm not in the studio. Oh wait you're not fat. No no the studio. I met my house. Oh I love the studio either no Although as I've said this is I think this is my way of doing the old joke of The Band's breaking up but we're really just trying to get rid of one or two. This is my way of going full Mike Schmidt. I'm eventually going to one by one. Start telling you guys at different times and start recording this on my own and have learned a lot for me the technology. You're you're probably two thirds of the way of being able to do it by yourself. Well listen I've already got a connection with that art nineteen to talk to them privately about it and It's really just a way to to get more advertising Nonni so that I don't have to split it with anybody. And and of course the profit sharing Zenit that's going to end and And and sort of the profits. I A lot's going to go downhill with this new concept. Hey speaking concepts Once again like to thank everybody I subscribing to the platinum level The various levels Of course you can go five ten or twenty bucks a month of the twenty dollar level you have the option of calling into the show at some point or having a live personal phone zoom call with me did another big batch over the weekend and I know I'm a broken record man but we got the greatest fans of the world and I think everybody for the Nice Conversation and and Nice connection to With the human life outside of my house and and these three knuckles I'm calling you guys. Knuckle ELECTRO FOR KNUCKLEHEAD. I suppose my three knuckles that You can't see it now because they're up my s Fifty myself right now. Just entertain myself during this doll. Ranch do something. Is that to knuckles on one finger and one on another. Whoa how did you go this way I go? I go this way and then to the to pinky go in easily and then really just top one the ring finger in there. So you're saying the other way around because the pinky shorter so you get this one. This one that would that would make sense but Yeah actually that would make more sense. Yeah my apologies for right now. It not that much. I can tell you. But where's the other hand? You don't know what it's doing anyway. Thank you guys for all the next phone calls and and all of that. I get some more plan for this week. So if you've not signed up yet please do that match that dot a survey and so Let's go get your ducks in a row here. Bullshit send in the same people. Yeah over and over. I know there's a it seems like there's a couple of people who don't get. Don't receive emails from podcast We use a thing called. Send grid to send those emails out but they still come from the podcast. G DOT COM email address. And so I I. I don't one hundred percent understand. Why some of those are. I don't know if they're being blocked completely are just going to spam or whatever but if you know of away or if you have a way of putting that email address park decimal dot com on some sort of a white list in your email settings so that so that you receive our emails..

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