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Steve It, Brendon Walsh, Mcpeek discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network


Great to have a good one for them and of course Chic and Qatar racing. It's great to have horses running in their callers. Famous colors and Bacharach good as well or are friends of mark so You Know He. He brought them in as well. And they're getting getting involved and it's just a great It's great fun and a great experience for everybody involved Steve. I'd say what happened last year. You know and I just really really happy for them. People the other day because service cheers or the. The Breeders Cup was an easy to take and You know they never flinched any of them with with me or with any of them they just took it on the Chin and and we moved on them and here we are so. It's early deserved for them as well. And of course we're GONNA talk about Max field in a second but The Towel G. is well The disappointment that was the craziest. That was the craziest forty eight hours. you had to deal with at Santa Anita when it came to any issues and the the you know the vet staff in deciding who's going to run and who isn't Who shouldn't have The the other part of the day that we should talk about before we talk. Max Field. Las Yarra. I thought ran a very nice race. But that that that's Roger Outfield. He brings a maiden winner in. And what does she do? Second Time North America. That was unbelievable. She goes to the lead she. She had come from off the pace in her maiden win and made everybody chaser and nobody could get to her but it down on paper Steve It was it was an ice race for something that could go out on the lead. It looked like we were. We were concerned. You know we weren't going to have enough enough pace in front of us and we didn't really have enough patience front of us in an ideal world for Philly but You know no no Take it away from Roger silly she out there on the lead like you say second woman this country and she morning one. Well you know like Blake vitality. Everybody's got their chance to a shot at her and then she she had them all off So often indies. And it's funny because This this was a Godolphin bread Frankel Philly and I looked and I said you know I. I time against winners first. Time steak goal that. I thought I don't know but in the meantime lassen Yara who's a you know a mayor now that I can recall talking to to Ligia about Brian Lynch of course adder. And it seems like you're getting to know her and this was a very very nice performance. I mean she's a great at stake winner already talk about some ideas going forward out of this. I I think if she's one of the whole assume that you know what sets up in front of orig- is probably Her deke tour you know I think she just needs to to have had a situation where she's got a bit more pace than what we had dealer day In front debris you know so we might. We're we're considering you know I've got. We touched on it the other day after as well considering dropping her back in Tripoli base and and you know maybe a mile and sixteen to maybe. Just you're you're you know. He never got her and teed but at least you have a better chance of a of a stronger pace in front of you. I think that might be better. 'cause she's very she's very talented. I mean she. She shown me and walk at home More than anything She's got caught. Syria's talented I think if things said upright for her so You know she loves him too far away and the race Parlor Gaber great writings considering there wasn't that much pace in front onto per but I think if if she gets the right set-up piping she'd be competitive in any company well we'll watch for LAS senior. Ra's next Opportunity and any circumstance configuration and distance and such to see how to how to apply Got To ask you before we get before we talk about Max Field. One more starter. From Saturday Brendon Walsh with us and plus Parfait came back for the four year old seasonal debut and you know Brandon Handicap races. You get certain spots and you look at a field this field to me. I I might handicapped this one hundred times and and come up literally with you. Know six or seven different. They're only seven horses. But I I. It just was such a curious assembly of Horses. And then what happens? Mcpeek and Harvey Wall Banger. The longest shots on the board They blow it open Talk about the the comeback for plus kept our FE. I mean you know we you know. He's working good. We caught. He was doing doing really well Going into us and he traveled around her. The other day I thought at the half mile phone He was going better than anybody. He's looks like a tone of course but he you know an MD dog quick enough foot. He did drop a couple of clangers on his last year. At the fairgrounds. I duNNo. Certain tracks don't sues them or are you know off the layoff. When he got really tired he didn't seem exhausted afterwards but You know he looks like he came back out of it. Okay Steve which is the main thing You know we're observing here over the next couple of weeks and and getting back walking And just go from there but Middle Little Bit of a head scratcher to be honest voters but You know it's not the first time he's done this.

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Steve It, Brendon Walsh, Mcpeek discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network

Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network 3 months ago

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