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With Jeff clay ball and Wall Street The Dow is up 128 points The S&P 500 up 30 that's more than a half percent Money news in ten minutes on V sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red One 15 George Wallace is here When do we start the we want Dallas champ I don't know You can start it You can stop Here's the hope okay Sunday at FedEx that you have more Washington fans than cowboys That would be nice It's been a while Okay it's been kind of even this year I will say that Place hasn't been full at all So let's hope this year This weekend It's a little better Yeah Okay A lot of build up to get to this point I know Landon Collins Jamie Davis jady mckisson Curtis samo all listed his question Well good news for Davis and mckissick finishing up the concussion protocol and could be available on Sunday So that's good news is Washington gets set for the Dallas Cowboys 1 o'clock Sunday afternoon big one tonight at Capital One arena as it always is between the penguins and the capitals ovi Sidney Crosby caps on top at 38 points right now on top of the metropolitan tied for best in the NHL as well College football Jim Harbaugh named coach of the year How about this one report on ESPN Jason Garret Jason Garrett ear old friend Jason Garrett FrontRunner for the duke blue Devils head coach head coaching job of football Is that right Yeah Man it'd be interesting to get him out of my order No he can't He's still around So there you go George Wallace the video be sports All right coming up on WTO P You just see their eyes light up Cultivating a kid's love for music I'm Neil all I can stain It's.

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