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Takes center stage on the sobriety. Fox News. It's one of the issues spurring debate over priorities In another Corona virus relief Bill. Democrats have accused the president of opposing money for more testing The White House disputing that White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany telling reporters at the White House will ask for more funding for Corona virus testing nationwide in the next relief bill coming out of Congress, So we do want to see more testing funding, but We wanted to be targeted in a way that it gets to the right people who need testing at the right time, not just dumping money into a bucket, so we want more money. We want it to be targeted. The House passed a sweeping $3 trillion rescue package in May, but Republicans dismissed it as unrealistic. Both GOP leaders and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have paid the cost of the Republican plan. At roughly a trillion dollars in Washington. John Decker Fox News talks in the GOP bill continue in Congress Sand at the White House Democrats accused the president of playing politics with federal law enforcement over the crackdown on violent demonstrators in Portland, Oregon, is several mayors reject sending federal agents to their cities. Trump, 2020 spokeswoman Aaron Parents. The only thing being done for political purposes at this point are Democrats not taking control of the streets, not protecting the citizens and their friends and their neighbors and their families and the businesses in these communities. Meantime, defense chief Mark Casper says he's expressed concern within the administration about federal agents wearing military style uniforms while handling protests and riots. Pentagon spokesman telling reporters a short time ago. They want a system where people can tell the difference. Joe Biden, unveiling the third part of his build back better economic recovery campaign, focusing on caregiving, including child care and calling in part for tax hikes on higher income Americans to help fund it. America is listening to Fox News. 203 Use Radio 1055 RC ST issues an amber alert for an abducted child, authorities say in 19 month old girl, Embry Holt. Was taken in Altuna, Alabama. She's described his white, two foot 6 £40 with brown hair and eyes. Emery and her mother are believed to be in the custody of Blake Logan. He is described as white. 5 10 brown hair and eyes may be traveling in a white Jeep Liberty. Alabama tag one d R 1147 Child and mother are believed to be in extreme danger. Anyone with information is urged to call 911 or the county sheriff's office. Hospitalizations for the Corona virus at high levels in Alabama, 1500 people are being treated state health officer Dr Scott Harris. I think our hospitals are really feeling this training and it sort of depends on Where you are in the status that is the home of the strange being seen in your hospital. But clearly we can't continue to go down this path most longer. He's blaming. July 4th get togethers for the spike some foreign students that you will be getting hit with a massive tuition fees up to 1000%. You will be approving the increase it covers. The costs of campus resource is and reflects the fact that students don't pay any taxes to support public institutions. That increases also affecting illegal immigrants brought to the US as Children, not social media. There were other students who were step important, saying Hammer doctor recently and I've been here my whole life. This is ridiculous. And I'm just like I didn't know there were you know more people in my same situation, it said. You? A bee says it's taking a look at all cases. I'm Jim Charity. You're next news, A 2 30 coming up. It's Sean Hannity on Birmingham's news, Traffic and Weather Station News Radio, 1055 On American.

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