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And Gandhi thank you Ryan Clark thank you Tracy bottler thank you exatamente thank you Christopher blacking Christopher good luck to you today representing our show in the finals of the game tournament champ thanks capital see what I can do Carmen is very good at trivia yeah we just set the line in Vegas Carmen is a minus two fifteen oh two fifteen verses eight plus one eighty five take well listen cap you know how the tournament goes right if a team that is the underdog bangs a couple threes early all of a sudden it's a different game that's right it says it just takes a spark you are lead our roof Menashe yeah exactly I'm a recruitment ash depends at set times on the topic of there's a lot of music crystal you know he's got an even better chance so it's starting at all nervous just a little got a minutes away so anyway thank you Jeff van Gundy I actually am going to try and run down rod thorn great guy he's awesome yeah he's the guy that had to turn in the card and Mike TiVo told me that story and said to Jonathan Coldplay I don't know if Jeff over still alive he was the managing partner of the bulls Reinsdorf and bought it with this group yet he came to them at practice at work will be taken they said if he's there Michael we think he will be we're taking Michael Jordan and he goes a guard no I what Melvin Turpin or Sam Perkins adds Melvin turf yes good evening mate and let the the managing partner have any settlement he and I. my TiVo and rod made a pact we are going to lay down in front of the podium so yes to step over is that we're going to tackle it thank goodness make two again thank god always MJ's Danny still and there is not only with the finish the press hallways M. J. not on that list of one of the ten yeah we work toward Wilson drafted after two thousand thank you is a list of draft picks out onto this is the bad beat since two thousand yeah he would certainly be on any all time yeah even though I came as a great player but the second pick was the busted well yeah you don't that that came of course you don't I mean it you you don't find John you don't Hey Johnny yeah I thought somebody behind me you don't fault them for that the Sambu picture you falter yeah you can certainly can't fault Houston for came alive now absolutely not how you're going to get yeah I'm here what's up how's everything two well sighted size at about the contest let's see which one of my other team members is going to be able to go ahead become a champion that's right the turning your call Joe but we do know what rod thorn's middle name is yeah I was I was gonna say something like that broken king Rodney thorn Rodney king Rodney king the lord when I covered the NBA rod thorn was running the nets at the time the New Jersey nets a great guy great guy seriously yes and build dark he was at the league office for a little while yes any reason the Naismith hall of fame went to the league office who's running the nets for a little while to build some good nets teams with those chasing kid Richard Jefferson who else like Kerry Kittles I want to say maybe on those teams that went to a couple of finals did he dragged he signed John Calipari that I don't remember I'm trying to think of a time line my guess is no I don't think he was there for that because I feel like that was in the mid nineties wasn't it when cal was at New Jersey cal dressed in Kerry Kittles though he added my bright idea yeah yeah you know not the Kobe draft yes that the Kobe draft yeah I can see they they pass on coping they took Kerry Kittles aches but that should be on the list to if we're doing a three two thousand right I'll be on the list to totals over I was taught cal one on that one that they had the GM one Kobe Bryant oh my god what no no wow that is a really not an exact science boys now it is not boys it is not an exact science it's hard your call was pointing out that the night let me look in Cleveland first got back in the league in your call is there ninety nine their first two first round picks word Tim couch and Courtney brown is it any wonder I mean like they were doing from the start I mean you can't do that you can't miss it when they get when you come back in the league and they say here you've got the next two first round picks and you go Tim couch Courtney brown ouch American America that next year they took what was Gerard Warren with the third pick Sam one one three in in that and that's what they came away with like he's the only player thing in that draft that subsequent trap the thing was two thousand and one that the ones that are like pro bowler you're done right I mean like when you go boom boom boom like that you're just back in existence in their gifting you these high picks you misses badly as they messed ouch yeah rod thorn was the general manager of the nats two thousand two yeah he was the guy there till two thousand ten Aussies that sounds right yeah I got a news a portion when I was still covered things yep restaurant was and I am the enemy a few times yeah he was an extremely nice man the very profitable and station yup sensei very approach of yes like if I if I call him today and say Hey would you come on I guarantee he'll be supported very approachable so we'll see anyway good luck today my friend thank you it's gonna be very interesting I'm excited to get down to get in my car and here Danny and have it on the twitch yeah yes rob on Twitter one thousand sure god I was watching it from the office before I mean I'm just down the hall but I was watching on twitch yeah Blair this technology magnet cameras right in front of him right in front and black it's a minor goes just letting you know that cameras lights camera is hot it's when you're watching it on the feed it's actually kind of cool because like the the host I think it's just gonna be especially this time of days just silhouetted because you've got so much you've got windows behind you in so much light pouring in there is basically just like your silhouette but you're looking at pretty cool out of them I try to relate this or something but I I thought it was actually pretty good yeah you know what I'm talking about Chris my amateur Philmont thought would be I think we just need to close the blinds behind there right now not all the light behind right guys writing will be the sense that you were the silhouette of phantoms yeah there's like just way too much light pouring in from behind but it looks kind of cool actually right I am cooking a special meal I'm inventing tonight you're inventing is why nobody's ever made this meal before think so okay okay so what's the protein chicken okay so I'll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow right a special chicken dish that no one has ever cooked before yeah I don't think they put these things together with it peaked my interest yeah you got a grilling this are you serving as backing cheese Jackson's second mac and cheese hello how are you preparing I we saw thing which is will be a saute yeah okay yep with a very interesting sauces very interesting sauce yes my interest put it up on Instagram where I think I will all right you got it I'm gonna get out of your way I have a great show your ticket yep yep yep see in a minute here all right good luck yeah back tomorrow at nine AM listen to Carmen in your E. S. P. N. one thousand for sports ESPN one thousand and ninety eight ESPN thirty for thirty documentary the last day the glory of Michael Jordan and the bulls to their six years together Jordan and the bulls.

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