Theft, Scarlet Skroejer Hebron, Secretary discussed on Tim Constantins Capitol Hill Show


I would like to say who'll never is but i go by baen baen job job with me that was gone job with me the new sky breaking news stories bango job i feel like he's holding it in today at the very beginning it's almost like you forgot where it started every day and you'll get your so dory three a today every day segment you'll get you some all right man charged with human remains pleads not guilty a man arrested in connection with a theft of scarlet skroejer hebron were made from massachusetts secretary has pleaded not guilty felix they've got a junior our first report was arraigned thursday are multiple crowds of this in tearing abroad are this endeavor body this and what dis in tearing a body so he disenterred it up i was about to say toward up for this and tore it up in tora now that's not the word isn't it i think this member now it's this the tearing decent and telling me say it though that somebody i i don't believe it's dysentery there's no way right off the bat were over one actually i'm wrong i'll admit tear it at that appears to be the word i'm going to have to go that it might be because he said it three times and now i can't see it as anything other than that word this decision yet d i s d i s vis in tearing exactly the way it spelt crazy he was ordered held at one hundred thousand dollars bail and were were returned to court march fifteen there are what the resident in connecticut on february second at another sent a word of that centers are what are they gonna do they've got her was arrested in kinetic paul calcutta was arrested in connecticut to dysentery to dig up our discover something that as well hidden so i guess they go down so i feel.

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