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At the editor's desk america's doctors are burnt out and that could be dangerous for all of us kcbs as rebecca corral reports on a new study involving thousands of doctors more than half of the six thousand seven hundred doctors researchers polled at clinics and hospitals all over the country reported feeling burned out on the job and the study's lead author stanford medical schools dr daniel tafiq says burnout can lead to errors mistakes every year there are hundreds of thousands of medical errors that occur what we found was up to ten percent of the that were reported either resulted in a patient dying or major permanent effects tallec says it's not a coincidence that the burn outweight rose from forty five to fifty four percent between twenty eleven in two thousand fourteen that's when dr saw their load of paperwork increased steadily we think i'll have to do with that one of the key drivers of burnout is that concept of finding meaning in your work really seems to be a big project her against out and the more paperwork that physicians are doing they feel like it's not actually contributing to patient care doctors who admitted to job burnout described being emotionally exhausted and feeling cynical many say they've considered leaving the practice rebecca chorale kcbs a federal judge in san francisco says evidence seems week that roundup weed killer causes cancer as claimed it by venetia man with cancer but ruled that experts can still make that claim at trial the ruling today by us district judge vince allows hundreds of lawsuits against her roundups manufacturer monsanto to move forward their lawsuits by cancer victims and their families say the agrochemical giant long knew about roundups cancer risk but failed to warn them government regulators have rejected a link between the active ingredients around and cancer monsanto has also vehemently denied such a connection well it was just one day the fourth of july that's prompting the red cross to issue an emergency call for blood donors kcbs reporter holly explains how the mid week holiday has caused a nationwide shortage retired oakland history teacher steven johnson is a regular donor i know there's a need so but he doesn't have a lot of company these days right now we are looking at our donor center and unfortunately we are looking at a lot of empty beds justin miller is regional manager for donor recruitment goes the fourth of july we had about five hundred fifty zero blood drives and then we typically santa regular week which results in about fifteen thousand fewer donations that's nationwide nationwide correct which is why they're urging people to spare an hour to give at your local bank summers already a tough time since twenty percent of the.

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