Tim Tebow smacks double in Eastern League ASG


League all star festivities come our way next week wednesday the best of the aa eastern league all star game and that included tim tebow who doubled in his first atbat tim tebow they're just as a pr move espn's pedro gomez was there know the eastern manager was jay bell longtime veteran played in the big leagues about eighteen years and i asked him that question specifically he said he's absolutely earned this don't forget tibo only be batting to seventy and fans may say to seventy is nothing impressive well the league average in the eastern league is to fifty one so he's a good twenty points higher but he was really really excited and talking terminology that really we've never heard tibo talk about the game was really fun to have a really fun feel and pace you guys really enjoyed it i know so dry am but if the first bit and even i was going to do it you basketball of course hacking and so is this a lot of fun like that recession lasted that house it was really fun i think everybody really enjoyed now the pitching coach for the binghamton rumble ponies is frank viola former cy young winner spoke to him a couple of days ago and he said look this is going to be one of the more exciting eastern league all star games because t boz in it sure enough john this became an ticket a twenty two dollar face value ticket was going for over a hundred dollars before game time and that had everything to do with tboz presence what's the i've to him perhaps for the mets later as we get into the summer fall forty man roster call do we see him you think citi field i think we'll see him go to las vegas at some point to triple a whether he gets called up to the big leagues or not really will be a decision that probably owner jeff wilpon will make look if it does happen you can bet that it will be before the start of a home stand to maximize ticket sales so to speak but talking to a couple of scouts probably not going to happen this number but tibo insists he is not giving up on his dream and hey this is his second.

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