Tony Romo's early Super Bowl prediction calls for Packers-Jaguars matchup


One american tennis player who survived to the wimbledon finals we'll let you hear from serena williams what an amazing journey for her this time last year she was still pregnant as she says carrying another human and now here she is back in the wimbledon final so you'll hear from serena coming up in fifteen minutes but we were putting together audio and kind of trying to find some interesting stuff for this last show of the work week and chris doubled upon this tony romo former dallas cowboys quarterback now lead phoebe s nfl eight alist making his early early early super bowl predictions on the nfl network plus picking right now i'd probably go with i'd probably go with green bay versus jacksonville i think that would be just a tentative rough guess here in the summer months jimmy graham additions going to be very big a lot of the field goals are going to turn into touchdowns because of that and having him as a weapon and then i think secondary which i think has been a weakness for a few years and cost them some games i think that's going to improve this year and then having a new system it always gives people within your division trouble just because they don't have a lot of data and and situational calls against you so that'll help them and then as far as jackson just think they're strong everywhere as a football team tony romo early early early super bowl prediction and.

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