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And CEO mark Parkinson says issue number two is adequate testing of the best practices having testing on site nurses doctors first responders grocery store workers truck drivers do you know a hometown hero at the hometown hero button in the news ninety six point five W. DPO and nominate them they could win a hundred dollars in gift cards salute our hometown heroes with Dennis Hernandez and associates and in partnership with hungry Howie's flavored crust pizza your local Winn Dixie southeast deal appliance warehouse and news ninety six point five W. D. BO shopping for a diamond only one jeweler here has over thirty plus years and diamond wholesaling manufacturing and retailing and that's Keith leclair at international diamond said I've been in all phases of jury manufacturing and all that knowledge all that ability that we have acquired over the years now has brought together for you as a consumer at the bottom line price make no mistake this is Orlando's direct diamond importer a lot of people claim they've been in the wholesale business people claim they've been in manufacturing they don't know to sense about it even today he supplies diamond so wholesalers who then sell the jewelry stores all over the country and he's known worldwide is a major player in the world diamond markets because of the relationships and the contacts that we have developed over thirty five years our reputation is impeccable our desire to please our customers is to the utmost you hear all these jewelers that make these outlandish claims the biggest the best my response go shop then come to IDC the proof is in the pudding international diamond center for Orlando locations hi hi my cluster the founder of town with management like me your first priority is probably keeping loved ones safe and healthy but I also realize that with so many unknowns the economic headlines can feel overwhelming I'm here to encourage you to take a deep breath and get to work on a strategy for moving forward if my team and I can help visit guarding your nest egg dot com and we'll all get through this together securities offered through a world equity group bank member federal and SIPC advisory services through retirement wealth advisors Inc's SEC registered investment advisor in today's world many medicines that you depend on may be in short supply patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis or lupus may be having a hard time finding.

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