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Okay That would give you time to prepare. If this means a lot to you to build some wealth and be able to offer to buy it and it would be certainly okay for you to ask that you be given the to buy it in the will. Should they get you begin. First right of refusal or a an option to purchase it I auction to purchase or something like that so that they didn't just call you up one day and sold it. You know instead. You know because you'd saved up a half million dollars and you could have bought half the property and had them sell off the other half or something like that and that would scratch your it and then you then at that point you become a customer of the estate not someone who just feels entitled to. It agreed agreed. Just have the conversation. But i wouldn't go in there saying. Hey this is what i want. This is what needs to be done. Just ask don't have any rights. Yeah you're not entitled to anything. I'm sorry i hurt your feelings. Understand that and it does mean a lot to you emotionally. I hear you saying that. But that doesn't give you any moral or legal or even emotional rights to it We have a lake house. And if i decide to sell it tomorrow It will break my heart because they've all learned to ski there. The grandbabies have all spent time there. We all love it. It's the same kind of thing. It's an emotional piece of property for us. Anthony anthony. Anthony will be crying. he's already. He's already leaking series. That's where you learn to ski. Hey squad quarter water skier now. You should have seen him. The falls for amazing last weekend but the anyway the Yeah that the point being You know the you earn the right to speak into this by having some money to do something and it's not just a matter of offering support it's a matter of. Hey if you ever going to sell it. I don't want that to happen. Because i love it so much. Please give me first rights and would you mind even putting that in the wheel dad and something like that that would be okay and there's nothing wrong with that at all. I got dibs on that. You know that that's if if you're if you would allow me to. I would consider that because it means so much to me but just because it was your childhood Summer vacation and it's emotional does not give you any rights. You're not a zero entitlement on that. Sorry josh is. That's my opinion and you asked at josh's in dallas josh. Our you thought you. Dave another question about trading my vehicle so i've purchased a Bernie truck November last year and traded truck The jewish have contacted me a couple of weeks ago or last week and they're wanting to buy much back with the shortage of vehicles so twenty six on that right now I met a really good trade on it and a lot of equity and oh twenty six now when off me forty one thousand cash right now would you pay for it. I i pay like forty two five. Wow are great What is it worth. Yeah what is. Kelly is says That's did a Online trading and It said that it was worth forty. But then whenever i went and taught to the jewish to give me one yeah and that's trade in by the way that's not private sale so i think they're on their way to get.

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