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Not necessarily stuck to the formula of the fem fake out well this one may be more but we can talk about more if it's on your list it a lonely place is super good movie with humphrey bogart you have not seen this one he said now now directed by nicholas rey humphrey bogart end gloria graham who like on the extras on the blue rails watching had a really interesting life but anyway he he's a a screenwriter um and he's kind of a dick in this movie um anyway it involves a murderer what he would he kind of gets accused of at the beginning but then uh glory graham his neighbor comes to his rescue uh says though i saw him blah blah blah anyway and they have a kind of a romance but it all kind of goes bad as is the way of most ours uh definitely worth watching an awesome performance an nice to rely on the on the dvd there's like a commentary i can't remember who it was you know film critic or something he was like or filmmaker he's like is not you're not gonna think it's like the greatest movie ever but it's really solid which is exactly how i feel about it definitely worth watching anyway that's my it'll only place in touch of evil for number seven number six for you number number six for me is another western i don't considered it and the other at westerns while with these were were or heavy with western don't consider as much a western now because it's such a a like a character performance it's a high noon with dr cooper.

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