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America's largest selection shop classic Chevrolet calm Find new roads based on 2020 million registrations. I'm meteorologist Brad Martin. And then over to the weather Center. We're gonna be clearing, windy and the little cooler and was yesterday 51 for the high Today winds out of the North 15 to 20 occasionally dusty close tonight as the winds die off 28 30. Partly cloudy continued cool 52 tomorrow 62 on Friday different kind of weekend ahead. We're gonna warm up to maybe 70 with dusty Southwest winds Saturday. Cool off a bit Sunday, right now at W b a P. 40 degrees. News brought to you by nations Pure water systems as Americans continue to wait on registration list for covert 19 vaccinations. President Biting is outlining changes expected to ramp up inoculations nationwide. Correspondent Grenouille Scott First the president says more vaccine will be sent out to states up to 10 million doses. He also promises to be straight with states on how much vaccine there is, he says that first will require securing more of it will soon be able to confirm Purchase of an additional 100 billion doses for each of the two FDA authorized vaccine. Fizer and Moderna President Biden says securing the doses and giving the shots will take months. Until then, it's masks that will be the best way to slow Cove. It's spread. Colonel Scott Fox News. CVS Pharmacy has administered almost 90% of covert 19 vaccines to all assisted living and other long term care facilities in taxes. Stephen Love, president and CEO of the D FW Hospital Council, says this means vaccine availability for Texans is on the rise in thankful for the vaccine, and we want to get it out as soon as possible. In the meantime, please wear masks, physical distance. Watch your hands. We still got a long way to go to achieve. Herd immunity. He hopes the single dose vaccination will get authorization soon because it will help speed up the process. Now we'll check on Texas business sponsored by the law Office of Nickname. If you're Spencer McGowan from network radio will home prices rose 11% over the past year. Who would have predicted that? Well, one of the primary drivers low interest rates. 10 year Treasury sets the mortgage rate. It's just 1.2% the Dow down 262 points to start the day at 30,600, West Texas Intermediate crude 50 to 61. And durable goods orders up eight months in a row. I'm Spencer McGowan President McGowan Group. Net worth radio dot com From the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicola say your next update is at 8 24 7 coverage.

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