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It happened I mix it up the the survivor thing last few seasons seems like they've I have the yeah do you set up a little bit I've got pride you something really special for the the fortieth season which is kicking off in thirteen days Leon two weeks from yesterday the twelve I think is the start date good Jeff Probst talking about it and you know we talked yesterday you and I think off air about why Cochran wasn't on this time the article that I saw was who was Jeff Probst who does Jeff Probst feel like is missing from this new all star edition and he went straight to Cochran now and then I read another article this morning with maybe you're about to quote IBM probably am right because we already talked about that I brought it up actually and he confirmed a hundred percent exactly what I said that guy wouldn't fly on today's survivor he should not flown then and that is the controversy that survivor found itself in tell the story survivor super fans have pointed out that the one particular winter missing from survivor winners at war is Richard hatch Richard hatch won the first season in the year two thousand and as this whole thing unfolded this year where there was some inappropriate touching in some just people made to feel uncomfortable on the show we were talking about Richard hatch and how this guy was not only just naked from the beginning like look and made no bones about it no matter how uncomfortable people were around him the show didn't see anything wrong while you're on an island I guess you everyone takes out their clothes when he came back for an all stars I want to say Susan also from the first season one up leaving because he like pushes junk up against her yep and she will lay next day she was made to feel uncomfortable you know who left she did right which is really not the way that should be gone down she should be able to play the game on molested so basically and I don't disagree he I should say you know here we are it's easy in on your line back to say they should have done something or whatever I get it there's a lot of us behave one way maybe you know thirty years ago that we wouldn't today right and you hear even comedian saying the material I did then I wouldn't do now even the stuff we did on the air right so there's a lot of changes have been made but in particular as survivor is trying to come off very like PC this is a gaping hole in their resume it is for having protected women's rights were well and not protected them I mean that's you know that they're so course Jeff Probst has been asked why the Richard hatch on there and he said given his history on our show it did not seem appropriate rate which is really all I think about it I use as we are in a different time and different culture back then we would never let him run a challenge naked now looking back on it it just didn't seem to fit it's not a slam against Richard hatch he's just being Richard hatch he said I didn't feel comfortable having him out on the bottom the shown representing a show that is for families and they said let's see the other going back to that survivor all star where he the junk up against her he denies it and the shows like tonight all you want we're not having you back right so it starts in two weeks and it's only gonna be the nice competitors well his tactic was to make people uncomfortable and he did and that worked for him he won one second time but he won the first time all the Osborne shows his own amputations in anti declined to add what yeah he has amputations he has some stumpy fingers from that acts the staff infection that he was hospitalized with me see exactly what it's from here because he was I believe in the hospital for staff and it had to do with his fingers you know singing nearly lost some of his fingers okay what they did was make it look I mean they can do anything they want in a print ad right the basically let's see in a new campaign for the animal rights organisation Peter he shows the bloody stumps of his fingers to decry Kel decline cal Kay and that's not real at all yeah I went out to the cloud not only of the clause getting irritated but part of the total where they grow from on as a result it can cause nerve damage infection and pain according to that's the experience is like cutting off the end of a human finger which is what Ozzie shown in the ad declawed cats have to relearn how to walk because of the impaired balance they're more likely to bite as a means of self protection because they've lost their first defense mechanism the message was personal for us who nearly lost some of his own fingers in late twenty eighteen as a result of the infection and a beating a coach who is is twisted and wrong the coach is one forty then you cut tilted her happiness you deserve to have an animal could catch a scratching post of mutilate them for life you're also you know when when you cut a cat's claws you are making them a house cat they can't go outside they have no defense right I'll boy yeah every single one of his yeah that's his claws is cut off that's fine shop the instead of declining they say you can trim their feed your cats nails by buying them scratching post they can shed the out of class sheath and stretch it's pretty gruesome sound it is just for the shop but it is still a dude with bloody stumps for fingers right but good for Ozzie for title you're trying to say in for real yeah that will that's what it sounded like there as I skimmed the story earlier I saw infections stomps what does it mean among the guy named ari Schaefer or should fear maybe our recent years should fear he's in a comic all right and people are super mad at him what did he do well he made some jokes about Kobe Bryant well not even really jobs what he did was save yeah this guy was a rapist okay well we've had you know people of texted that in as if that's an important mention after this guy's you know passing I I I guess some people felt important to say the day Kobe died this guy are you should fear tweeted a selfie video saying Kobe Bryant died twenty three years too late today he got away with rape because all the Hollywood liberals who attack comedy enjoy rooting for the Lakers more than they dislike rate big ups to the hero who forgot to gas up his chopper I hate the Lakers what a great day so our pretty vile yeah then he posted another video later saying Kobe's death was a good story because the guy got away with right any deleted it but by then the damage was done and it looks like some people started calling in death threats to the club where he was supposed to reform this was and let's see in a comedy club in New York City I'm not seen the name of it it might just be called the New York comedy club he was first performed Tuesday at nine fifteen the club's first call the cops after getting multiple phone and threats someone called threatened to shoot up the place because of comedians scheduled to perform their made a vial joke about Kobe the caller did not didn't mention are you sure fear by name but it's a secret that he didn't stir up some stuff and he was performing that night so they law enforcement sources say the shows were canceled at the club due to numerous threatening calls she fear has also been dropped by his talent agency after Instagram video WebSphere I'm what about twenty five minutes before this guy's sh set time is when all the threats came in Kobe fans will not have it there's a big Lebowski spin off called the Jesus roles we've talked about this a little bit John Turturro stars as Jesus or possibly hate to sound like animals so long since I saw that the big Lebowski that I don't really remember much of it all I'm gonna watch this will have to watch for the bus you again coming out February twenty eighth which is right around the corner on the film sees John to tour over pricing his role as the dude's bowling nemesis Hey Zeus king kana her I. and features Bobby kind of valley Audrey Tautou joining is the film's main characters they don't say anything about I don't have a full casting thing here but he's calling out a few other people that were in the other one back in June judge Richard described the film as a bit of a racy movies basically an exploration of Jesus getting out of jail self you were a big Lebowski van and there are people out there who love the big about you like the reference at all the time and I remember liking it but I yeah I couldn't quote anything from Menton but people do you know okay the dude Jessica Simpson has a book coming out or maybe it came out this past Tuesday and if people are going through I thought you'd like this nugget okay she denies rumors that you hooked up with Johnny Knoxville while married to Nicole Shea I was dying to know if she would address the stories that came out about dukes of Hazzard and that's it and the who's the other guy I dude she is it Sean financing Preston Scott or something like that John living styles he's the guy who's stickler John is that the other guy in the anyway there's a lot of rumors about that to go on well she does continue to deny it okay Hey she wanted him bad he says else like Johnny and I were prison pen pals to people who wanted so much to be with each other but were kept apart by their respective spouses what is your new it's called open book dear your February fourth okay definitely I agree Simpson will Scott son William guy since then in Knoxville were rumored to have had a fling in oh five right as her marriage to Nicolas she was falling apart there was something neck one and for me that I no longer had an emptiness I kind of fell she admits she began flirting with him Johnny uhhuh uhhuh I Johnny for those of you who aren't fans I understand why and that's fine but to me I find that's my kind of guy right there I like him a lot he's funny and he's injured.

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