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My mother is basically Madonna tell my mother doesn't turned out. We'd know I mean, come on Wanda wisdom came straight out of Madonna, Donna, Donna, what my mother was basically, not Madonna, but my mother was a makeup artist. She did her hair every morning. Like full full refund. Do everyday full face of makeup every day high heels every day. Yes. I love this leave the house until her face and hair were done would not go to the mailbox. We used to joke. Like the woman is not opening the front door until she's ready to go. I love this. Yeah. I try to dress up at work. I've kind of you do I will say you you put your best foot forward. Most days. Not today though. Not today today. You look nice and comfy but comfy is not the goal. You know, it hurts to be beautiful. You have to put some effort out there. I'm always afraid that I'm going to see Mr. Hubbard in the hallway, and I need to look good for him expire. I have a job. I appreciate your conscientiousness. And I will say there are days where I mean, I'm usually in a T shirt and jeans. So I'm not gonna act like I dress up at least there are days when I'm like a contentious worse like when when I found out I was going to be filling in with you guys. It was like I mean, it's early enough. Can I just wear sweats for sure? Like is anybody going to know do I really need to shower? But there's just that my mother's in the back of my head like, no, you don't just.

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