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The bag everybody where manning tucker rob solomon using go finally his finding your college education i wanted to give one tear pad here in a guy calling you want to know in of all smart tv fly on their users you may have heard that this you know agreed to a two point two million dollar fine with our agreeing that they did anything wrong they were accused by the federal government of gathering of millions and millions i'm points of them from asian i he who was watching when the why channeled are they go to win the they got a match can all kind of information then selling it without getting permission so apparently the guy that was on the line wanted to know do our tv's do that and here's what we not all smart tv's can gather information it's believed almost all of them do but there's you know was the only one known to have been selling the information a third parties so what does that mean for you well it means a already did it but if the company that own jersey our team me right now is a looking at you insane what you're watching and how are you watch it and then it goes in the bank rub sink so what else is getting that information even if they choose to keep quite and you know it's probably on that if the price robin calls happens has i want to know what back i was watching i want to know his team he was even because i believe if he was all homer hit a been watching tv something tv is an on then he committed the murderer the information's out there there are shedding in from now on many by a t be all of us have to go to the settings.

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