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Watched that match against mexico germany still amazing like they had a lot of opportunities they when you watch them play their or such a fascinating soccer country because they never have kind of the biggest biggest stars but they just seem to play a team like no other i don't know how they do it they're just fascinating to watch and they win they always win so that mexican lost withstanding i think they've got a great chance but the team i think everybody should look out for well there's two there's weirdly enough belgium yeah golden generation they're calling it good has the debris and and lecarr is unbelievable he's race he they're good he lukaku is a much pressure put himself in position to score better than i think anybody like harry kane has like a nose for scoring in a way see rinaldi too but the cock and put himself in position to score so if he can just get the service people can just get in him i really do believe that he he literally on any touch until score at least one goal yeah they look great and the other team and again they always are in there and you're like is this really get soccer country 'cause they seem indifferent half the time but france yes has great young players and haag a great defender maybe one of the best in the world unto while yeah they're awesome team opening is like one of the best young person that to me the fun thing about the world cup is every team has one or two guys he plays for man said he plays like you forget how great these these countries are i will say one thing though the best news the commend last week ahead of the world cup was guys i forget about nafta canada mexico trump how is trump gonna fuck it up and undo that but he might know but the truth matter is like sixty games in the united states ten games in canada ten games in mexico it's going to be a big event a huge event for everybody so massive in and it'll go from thirty two teams this year to forty eight i believe in twenty twenty six when cannon usa mexico hosted so they'll be you know affect the thing that big question now is will they allow all three teams to just be in as the host country right that's what they're debating they haven't they haven't actually decided that yet it seems like they probably will be landing is so on the united states will will probably make a forty eight team field okay they would canada do it and that's rely would say probably not candida made the world cup once in nineteen eighty six and they lost all three matches the year diego maradonna won the world cup in mexico and eighty hand of god goal and and so not a strong soccer nation so but it gives against the gives canada something to strive for so we'll see we'll see how it goes i love it jay thank you so much for joining us on the show it is we for ever do we could just do a blues podcast just staff just on the staff go back in time under just a twenty five minutes longer gary brian sarre shattuck ground shy jackpot good stick handler all right mike lee could you very important larry wayne babbitt ed's denounce key backup goalie.

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