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Lydia. Hey Eric Welcome back thank you. I'm glad to have you. I know that you've been excited about this particular story and I honestly I wasn't excited about in the beginning when you brought it up because I didn't understand But as I started to do my own research not that it's as extensive as your research but I did my own. I started to become more interested in this case and also I learned some things which kind of pissed off at you about because I hate learning things sir. Yeah you're such an American but history has never really been something that I've been into. I guess maybe you're more into history than you realize. I guess I guess my show would be proof that I am history but for some reason I cold war. I hear all this stuff and I'm just like a boring. Don't care but honestly I did learn some things I do feel like maybe I might be more in the history than I thought you said so. So I know you wanNA talk about spies in New Mexico. Yup spies secrets and lies. And we're talking about a particular set of spies not not like. We did with the colts where we had two different things. We're GONNA talk about one particular thing right right during one particular part of US history and New Mexico New Mexico history So let me ask. Okay what do these three things have in common? Trumka Whitesands Bumblebee. I'll tell you transformers. The answer is the hint being our segment spy. I'm excited to see how that all connects a thread through the story and weaving thread in some magical blanket. Is it a Cova blanket? No it's not a covert blanket. Thank God yes. We don't want that. That's better Noda Cove Ed say No. Just say no social distance everybody. Let's break down those connections. Okay of those words. Random RANDOM WORDS RANDOM words right trump white sands and bumblebee. So the overarching connection is spies. New Mexico is home to a bunch of government agencies. Like what are we have? We have the Department of Energy. Here we have a bunch of Research Laboratories. We've got some homeland defense stuff going on here. Yeah with the Research Laboratories Missile testing in parts of the State. Even close to where we grew up right so on the other side so we grew up in Sapporo which is a small teeny tiny teeny tiny little town which translates to help. Help me get me out of here. Your explanation point But behind the famous M mountain in Socorro. They do lots of missile testing. And I don't know if you had this experience growing up there but when I grew up there my house would frequently shake from the sonic booms. Yeah some of the missiles and some of the jets flying overhead and it would get really loud. Oh totally yeah. Yeah in the same people that work on those explosions by a mountain also handle our July Fourth Fireworks. This is really pretty legit display. Yeah I coro yeah I think it's a pretty legit display. Looks like actual bombmakers making fireworks. We went down there last July. Because it's around the same time as my eldest daughter's birthday so we tell her like this is all for you know minus happy birds. But I haven't been there in such a long time and I still see like a total legit firework display. No it is. And where else can you get hurricane? Junior not from New Mexico Google Google L. Hurricane Senior and then Google Al Hurricane Junior and then also fireworks. Yes I'm hot dogs and hamburgers and all that other and actually really nice grassy knoll to avoid the fireworks. The golf courses very lovely on. Yeah it's really pretty anyway. Nobody cares about that. Yes you want people to check it out. Because it's a hidden gem of New Mexico. Get so flustered. I'm so passionate about the fireworks and the Green Chili Cheese fries at El Camino. Oh my God you guys. If you ever go to Sikora you'll have to go to El Camino the best new Mexican food ever and if it's later in the evening asks to be set in the El Matador lounge a lounge. You can have a beer. You can have a beer. Natural Cheese fries. And the booths are like super old from the seventies and the sixties and it really lost in time. It's totally. It's like a total pausing time. It's really the only thing the only complaint I have about the ALCHEMY. No we're really going down a weird round hole. Here is the fact that they put fucking olives on everything love but I love a okay okay. We're not Italian and we're not Greek. So holidays are okay in my book like this is like a Spanish right. Oh Yeah I never thought about that action to whole new then test. Just get out of my car bit and go forward magic lamb for you miss up. Those aren't the words so we're not doing karaoke audience. Let's get back on track. You're distracting US stopping so selfish and let us focus on what we need to tell you about. Spies in New Mexico Gut. It's all about you dare you okay so new. Mexico is home to lots of government agencies. Eric I think you've actually looked up. How many people are actually employed by the state or the government yes sixteen percent of new Mexicans are employed by the public sector? It's a huge amount of people. It is considering how few people who live here. It's like three hundred thousand people so that's your lot so there's a reason why so. Many people I think are clustered around New Mexico or agencies. I should say that kind of goes back to World War Two so even before the. Us got involved in the world. War a gentleman. By the name of Oppenheimer was tasked at developing nuclear weapons and he had been familiar with New Mexico which will talk about a little bit in. He was tasked with developing an atomic weapon. That would hopefully end the war so when we say atomic weapons that's kind of a broad term basically. We're talking about an a-bomb so the a-bomb was used to drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Generation. One right nuclear weapons right. Yeah I'm saying right and yeah like I totally know about nuclear weapons. Science man's played it to me actually entails but just space on the seat that we're sharing what it's called is so the people will kind of responsible of navigating where America was going to go with World War Two. They had a choice whether to look at Atlanta invasion of allied countries so allied countries being like Japan or look at a firebombing campaign so basically flying over and dropping arsenal so obviously they decided to lean towards typically firebombing. So essentially what happened is they dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in nineteen forty five and that essentially devastated sixty seven Japanese cities resulting in approximately two hundred and twenty five thousand deaths. Devastating completely devastating. I mean whether you're not you're like Oh yeah America. If would've I still think that's such a huge death toll like so. Many civilians were literally burned alive when they dropped the weapon and then whoever was left probably suffered a horrible long battle cancer yet. The bombs were respectively named fat man. And Little Boy. That sounds innocuous. Yeah I don't know why they came up with those names. I'm sure there's A. There's a reason why those names were selected. They probably meant something so going. Back to how these weapons came to be. We have to go back to what was known as the Manhattan Project and the Manhattan project was primarily housed and developed and nurtured in Los Alamos New Mexico so for those of my listeners that are not from New Mexico. Let me just take a couple of minutes and talk about Los Alamos? So Alamos is Right now a small city I think maybe a few thousand people live. There is right between Espanola and Santa Fe New Mexico and so it's in the north. I was in north central part of the state Very beautiful area Los Alamos itself actually sits on top of a missa which is a flat hill type structure and you can just see this beautiful canyon to the West and then if you go east there's a beautiful nature preserve called device Kavita which is an old Volcano that is inactive gorgeous area. Lots of wildlife beautiful vegetation. Have you ever been there? I believe I have driven through there. I don't believe I've ever stopped. It's like but I do remember it being like very forested and beautiful it is. Yeah so Los. Alamos itself is also very pretty giant pine trees but that's the setting of where the development of the atomic bomb happened. And I think if I'M NOT WRONG. Correct me if I'm wrong that back then in the forties it was top secret bowel. Yeah totally so. You weren't even really hard to get to and that's why you know is probably selected right because it is remote and it is on top of the hill so they could easily block off that entire area from you know access from people right and. I think they did that and pretty sure there is one way in one way out. You know. They're still. There was a gated area. Where people at check in as they came in and check out as they left and even now it's still heavily involved in the development of top secret technology and yet top secret things related to military how we have that. And we also have Sandia national labs here in Albuquerque which is very similar to that but I just wanted to give kind of a rundown Los Alamos is because not many people. Maybe don't know about it. Yeah it's a small town. It's a very small town. So as IRC point now it's still relevant in today's government agencies and government research is the highest income per capita in New Mexico. That that town. Yeah there's a bunch of scientists who making bank. They're not us not no he tried and they said no to go away. Who are you do? You have a degree in and we said laughter. You're not my mom never will be all right. We'll get back to the story back to this story of the bomb cheesy nineteen nineties version dropping own so prior to obviously the final execution of this weapon there had to be testing phase and that testing also occurred here. New Mexico and that was done at the White Sands and what are these things have in common white sands missile range? It's also now known as a White Sands National Park and the site is marked now formerly as the Trinity Test Site. Okay so first of all if you're not from new. Mexico whitesands is amazing gorgeous beautiful. So it's all of these really bright white sand dunes in the middle of like these giant mountains and there's yuccas growing everywhere and cactuses and it's just so pretty there. It's really weird to think about the fact that was like the sight of some nuclear testing. And also it's not very far from where we grew up. No that's true and I'm pretty sure boys to mention a video there so doesn't go down a Midi Boswell. Somebody shot a very well known music video wiped. And it's absolutely gorgeous. I believe it's gypsum. Rock that gypsum. Yeah that's kind of a very fine sand in. It's actually illegal to take the sad. You need to get permission to transport any of Sun and Eric set just stark blue skies and a couple yuccas spattered here. And they're absolutely gorgeous so if anybody's looking for a road trip to New Mexico checkout whitesands. It's worth it. Yeah it's totally worth it especially at night with the moon you can. Even you get permission to camp there. Caution don't go in July waste yes. Family actually will die from Germany. You will die. Yeah you'll die. Don't go hiking there. I mean. Just imagine what it's like when you're like in the snow in the Sun is beating down like br blinding your face. It's the same thing but it's also hot. Yeah so. Prior to the dropping of the bombs they went through testing phase they selected whitesands detest it. It's now known as the Trinity Site and White Fans actually just gained it's National Park status. I believe that just happened like a couple years. Yeah so what they did. Was they built replica? Towns and family homes didn't have like dolls and mannequins. Yeah that was actually a couple. Years back maybe. Like ten. Years ago. Actually dressed as a mannequin mannequin from the site. So like I was wearing like nineteen fifties like you know cute housewife outfit and there was carrying a tray of burnt cookies and they had like melted. Skin all over me yeah. That was my costume. You're really morbid. I thought it was clever. This club yes. This is a matter of like a vision. In my head of this mannequin man with a fedora a sue and like the the house making wife wearing an apron and like poofy scourge basically what I was wearing and carrying Rondo..

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