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It for three weeks so okay I have some. I have some issues Tortuga tavern which is the quick service like the full menu. Quick Service option in adventure land tortula tavern used to be like kind of like a tax will not Texas. It was Kinda like a Mexican type flavor like these killer burritos and stuff and now it's like people bills. No no no I know. I know that that's their. That's their now. But I mean back in the day Tortuga Tavern East have burritos and shit anymore. Yeah and Evans. Really a like a skip over. Just grab a couple of water from place. Now he's got is hotdogs in Turkey legs in they also have a jerk smoke briskets sandwich and Yelich looks like he's not like a. There's not even like a plant based option for me. Come on guys bums me out anyways to be really good like I remember back in the day when Nick and I used to go like when I got married we. They had like Burritos. They had like Nachos lady not anymore but apparently you can get that to pick US bill now. Yes we'll talk about that when we get there needed to frontier. Um Although tour two does has a deceitfully large seating area. Yeah it's gotTA lottery on like it. Looks like it's just what you see like a walk up window is chairs the left but it goes up into the back look old patio area which is pretty So lots of seating there especially don't care there's some and whatnot but but it's nice to actually have seating so yeah a lot of the entrees to have like a Caribbean flair to them so like there's a jerk smoked brisket sandwich you can add jerk. Smoke briskets here hotdog. There's a Lotta like Caribbean. So I see where they're going with. That sounds pretty good. Yeah I began to like the pepper. Jack Pretzel Like I love. I love pretzels. So let's get to the. Ps Two resistance in my opinion. In my opinion this is the best. Sit Down Restaurant in magic kingdom. I have not been there so from you phenomenal. It is general aviation companies with limited skipper canteen and its newer It's been open. Maybe for like a couple years now. And it's sit down it's hard to get into. It is it's fun but it's hard to get into and like they have like it's Kinda reminds me a little bit about the one. Is that Mama Melrose where they give you? Shit like the waiters. Give you shit. They're like oh well. They like corny jokes and stuff. They'd be bit. Yeah like an Hollywood studios. There's a restaurant that's like that whereas if he's prime cafe one of them but this is similar. The waiters and waitresses have like a kind of script. And they make like silly joke. Silly puns about like a skipper. So it's basically the jungle cruise in a restaurant but the food's really good. Yes and the food is kind of a mix of like it kind of reminds me of like a PF changs type of food but also has lake some Indian mixed in it. It's it's actually you know what it kind of like. Really good mixture of everything. That's the junkers like all the different jungles African and Latin. Yeah there you go so and and one thing I will tell you guys and this is one thing that at Disney and I learned Wish I would have known beforehand. The portions are huge. Really wish you would have known that beforehand because we did. I forget where we were going afterwards. It was just so much. 'cause the food's fantastic click the Ma- if you look at the menu which I highly encourage you to do. We're going to pick what we're going to pick here but like the APP circuit. We couldn't we couldn't say notice. I think he got like two appetizers two huge meals. What a bad choice was great. It was the food is really good. But Lord Thou so much food and then you can get cocktails. And they're fun because it's so it's like Super Fund So we have many pulled out like we always do and we're GONNA pretend. Read the restaurant right now and we're going to choose just like we would if we were having some lunch or dinner together. Do you WanNa do lunch or do you WanNa do dinner for lunch. Personally I love lunch all right so appetizers Turner what I've had. Oh I've had the Shuai which are dumplings right there pork. I've had already they're phenomenal? They're blend of pork. Shrimp a May and spices in the gives the skin and their steam just like dumplings. They're fantastic. I wouldn't get it now just because I'm vegetarian now. But they're real good highly Now either that or the Streaky noodle Salad would that looks to within their within their Idols mushrooms green mango cucumbers. Toss with sweet chili sauce. They had an on here. That the last time we went there They had a cheese bread. And they don't have that anymore here but if I were to order something. That's vegetarian I would get the false family lawful stella lawful Chickpeas garlic onions lemon juice herbs and housemaid Etta Mommy Hamas. Okay we see you today real nice so I think he said before. Yeah entrees China. I think when when I did go there it I had the perkins tie noodles delicious. It's very good it's very spicy. Ps like if you don't like spicy rural spicy like it was kind of like almost too spicy for me. And I like spicy food. I would've told them to like calm down on that a little bit. But it's very very good anything. Get it as Tofu so like you could. So it's sharing case. Probably get the taste like chicken because it is jasmine rice. Julie's and seasonal vegetables as you sound I I think that's what brand got and I think I taste. It was very very good. It was very childish. It's fucking chicken strays Haniya. I would I would be this kind of weirds me out. The curried vegetable crew stew looks very good. But I don't know how I feel about a pineapple. Tofu never had yeah. I would probably still stick with the tiny it'll since you can get it with Tofu and there's no meat in it so I would probably get that but there's also like steak there's pork sustainable fish. And there's also a seafood stew which looks pretty It's very much like a Thai curry. So it's like that coconut Kinda Curry. Just can't go wrong with. I mean curry last night. But I'm like the Japanese curry but you're all good in so many different ways like I love Spicy Tiger And I really love. Japanese courageous like really thick and hardy with tomatoes. And a so good. If you're Indian curry God they're also good on the desserts are pretty famous too so the Congolese which is very famous Is Chocolate cake with caramelized bananas Cashew Caramel Ice Cream top? So it's which is cool so it's plant based ice cream for those of us who themselves but theory so yes yeah. Nick doesn't like it either. I would probably do the Pantani's Congo lime delight yet. Alex Lyon panic Mango sorbet rush fruit in Brazil. Brazil nut cookie. I wasn't if that's what they gave us. When we were there it was brands birthday. She was wearing her gear and they brought us a desert and last episode on asset. They love their pin. We love the fence here. I wonder if they have yet so they have the specialty cocktails here. They have whereas that. So they have housemaid's Sangria and they have multiple different kinds of Sangria which is fun This has just as choice of Reddaway blended but they have like other flavors It's just not on this particular menu so I highly recommend it and there's also you know a jungle navigation coach Shanti which is Blue Moon specifically made for For skipper canteen. I taste but I think a little repulsed giving. I'm some people really like like I don't like bloom because the orange I think it's gross. You gotTa really like that fruity type of beer or citrusy beer to be into that. I think there's there's a shame that they make in an epcot that Matt really likes And when we get there I'll go more into it but it's like a spray mixed with a beer which I thought was weird but it tastes. Okay didn't taste bad and and quite honestly I would probably if I went back here again. The salary was too sweet for me. I would probably they have my favorite beer that I always get in Disney for some reason. I was getting animal kingdom and it's the Tampa Bay brewing old elephant. Ip a I get it all the time but they also have a hung loose spiced excursion Ale. Which is an amber ale? Brewed exist exclusively for Disneyworld. So I'd probably go with one of those because the singer is not free from any describe one of these little wines here. Would they got the the wine selection here guys is fire? Fire literally cannot go wrong. Yeah it's often different places in Chile Argentina South Africa. Yeah Yeah I mean guys. In my opinion beer is nothing compared to this place I am. It's Kinda loud because it's in like this big area like if you've ever been in to play is a liberty tree tavern someone. I'm thinking of. Yeah I think it's it's like but but like multiplied by like Gillian. It's huge on which is amazing. Because it's always packed. And it's very very loud That's the only Downer and that's I think that's just true of any magic kingdom restaurant just because it's true any really large. Sit Down Restaurant. Let's be honest like it's echoey like beer. Gases are echoing in that pisses me off. So it's Kinda loud but honestly I don't care because food is that good. I think stick hit up speaking. I'M GONNA fix my intone here soon. Guys microphone is still being butthole. So I'm using my headset but a new one soon so I'll be back to sounding beautiful. Yeah Yeah you could. You could so before we go. We wanted to go over some of the shopping opportunities seek it say in eventually and quite honestly. I've not like super thrilled by them. There were e R. It's like a bizarre and that's on purpose but which is fine but like I've never will. Yeah I do enjoy the Pirates bizarre which is the the store that you walk into 'cause Disney Dizzy. GotTa have you buy shit once you authorize And so it's kind of the same idea with pirates bazaars to raise. You're getting off of pirates of Caribbean. You Walk into the store and it's it's a lot of really fun Pirate gear. I think it's really cute. I think it's I think that one's actually really well done. And it's a much bigger source. Probably I think the biggest store you can also you can. Also if you have a annual pass get a discount on.

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