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So thank you for sharing the show with everybody you know. Look there are literally millions of podcasts. Out that thousands of them focus on leadership in but is only one that focuses on the sole leadership. You'll tune into it so we need your help. Remember days off over to race review and subscribe to show do it now. If i'm going to set. Tom billion so terrible things to get all all right. Let's let's dive right in and strip it right down as leader whether you're a ceo someone in the c. Suite sales later on in a leader in any capacity you know that today entrepreneurs canada rockstars of the millennial generation. But you've heard me say so many times that i believe that entrepreneurship business leadership about something far greater the money mo- more important becoming the next entrepreneurial unicorn it's about purpose and a successful business kellyanne. If you're in touch with your purpose become a way for you to positively impact the world. I'll guess today is tom billion now. He's the co founder of the two thousand fourteen inc. Five hundred company quest nutrition. It was a unicorn startup. Valued at over one billion dollars. He's the co founder and host of impact theory tons mission is the creation of empowering media based ip the acceleration of mission based businesses. Tom is driven to help. People develop the skills they need to improve themselves in the world and is intent is in using commerce and to address the joe. Pandemic of physical and mental malnourishment. Tell me regularly inspiring audiences of entrepreneurs change makers thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world including abundance three sixty eight fast and freedom fastlane. So i'm has also been a guest on some crappy little show. What was his name some guy. We talked to tell you podcast. He's been at the school of greatest podcast and he's been featured in forbes inc and success and the huffington post and he's currently on the innovation board x prize foundation so lease and gentlemen..

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