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After all of these statements lies and contradictions wanted law enforcement only treat this incident as a suicide and nothing more now that we are caught up with some of the important statements that were made in part one. I want to remind you that there is something you can do to help. These are the people that you can contact to ask. Amanda pierce his case to be reopened and investigated. Also want to say that the katie palmer ks. That i covered about a month. Ago is from the same county as this case so you can also ask for that case to be reopened and reinvestigated as well. The first person that i think would be very important to contact is grayson. County district attorney. Brett smith nano three eight one three four. Three six one. You can also contact taxes. State general ken paxton five one two four six three two one zero zero four eight zero zero nine eight three nine nine three three or five one two nine three six one. Two zero zero texas house representative reggie smith five one two four six three zero two nine seven honorable pat fallon non zero three eight zero five one seven zero and grayson county police departments non zero three eight one three four two zero zero. I'll also have these numbers and emails as well in the show notes. So you can help at the pressure on the da and grayson county texas to get amanda pierces case reopened and reinvestigated. You can also ask them to do the same for katie palmer. At the very end of part one. We heard brian's rambling statement to the police. Now we're back at the scene and have so much more to unpack so. Let's get into it. The ambulance rushed to the scene and took amanda off to the hospital. She was impulse lewis electrical activity which means her heart had electricity but it was not beating. She was revived on the way to the hospital. When she arrived they immediately drew her blood for blood work and when the blood work came in indicated that her blood alcohol level was three eight. Four people do speculate that amanda may have drank. Maybe doing so with brian so she can just pass out and snooze until the morning and not has to deal with him if he perhaps did murder her. She may have been unconscious when he strangled her. If she were unconscious that would make her powerless unable to fight for her light. This is just a possible theory by the ones that are closest to amanda that. Know her best but this is wants to take into consideration. Kimberly was made aware of her sister being in the hospital. At first she thought maybe her sister could attempt suicide since she did deal with depression and she also drank a lot. She could wrap her mind around the fact that being in such a dangerous toxic environment an relationship could cause stress and maybe there was a chance for mental. Health may have taken a nosedive. She was entirely accepting of that in the beginning at this time there were a slew of things that camberley did not know but she would find out later plus when she got a good look at amanda body she would begin placing all of the pieces of this puzzle. Together it appeared that something more sinister transpired all the conversations she and amanda had about her leaving the death risk that brian made his violent tendencies. The control that he thrived from and how amanda was intending to lead plus the fact that she had a plan that was in motion an arrangement with her friend so shuki get out of the absolute hell that she was enduring. She even had two bags packed and one was already by the front door. There was no suicide note or message. There were no signs that would make anyone assume she was not in the right state of mind. All the pieces. That camberley did not having this moment would come together for her very soon. When kimberly was notified that amanda was in the hospital. She met with the detective conference room where she explained the domestic violence. That was happening to amanda. For one and a half to two years. Amanda was experiencing so much abuse including physical torture mental financial and emotional. It was a living nightmare and she warned out. She wanted to live and be with her two children yes. Kimberly had concerns in the past about her sister's mental wellbeing. Now all kimberly could wonder is. Why didn't amanda. Call me back when kimberly got to amandas room in the hospital. Grinding and three other males were at her sister's bedside she had no idea who these other three men were. She told him to leave. The intensive care unit staff said. Brian claimed the bruise on amandus chest. Which was seen by the neighbors earlier that was from him performing cpr. He even told staff that amanda did not have any family later historian would change when he talked to amandus friend amber to justify the bruise on her chest. Brian said that amanda had fallen off a ladder. Trying to change a lightbulb. However we know that. Amanda toll mrs thompson before she died about the blunt force hits to the chance she said came from brian. At the time. Amanda was an osce you on a ventilator and she was wearing a net collar which was hospital protocol or patients who attempted to hang themselves. Kimberly could not see. The extent of amend is injuries right away but when she could finally.

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