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Me that in my job like i say fifty percent of my job is to cover a high state recruiting like we talked about but the other fifty percent is to rank and cover the top kids in ohio. The urban meyer's recruiting five kids out of jail. There's ninety five. I have to cover and to me. Nolan ramler means as much to me in my profession. Russian is as paris johnson does so covered all these kids. That's my job and and i think a lot of pets date happy honest with you. I think so much of their program a._m. Coach franklin terry smith coach banks. Those guys are great guys and you got to be objective and honest here. They've had transfers. I since the season ended. They've had a lot of decommitments. I do not know one thing that i could point to and say hey. It's this i have. I have not heard anything from anyone that there's a bombshell or there's a big thing i think it's i don't know if it's bad locker. They mason jason dad's <unk> choices with some of these kids i don't know but you can't deny that the needle When a guy like josh gaddis leaves for alabama that ends up in michigan as a coordinator i mean he was at penn state so i was looking at staff transition as a <hes> immediate indicator in cultural issues and not that that's going on at penn state but what it is questionable it might be you know we'll see i james franklin bust out in eleven one year. When's the big ten this year that all this stuff goes away. That's that's the caveat right urban all the time when things things get a little slow but maybe at one position or or as a program as a whole say you know what we go out and just rattle off twelve wins. We'll see how the momentum going in recruiting including then so that's and it's so early i mean you can't evaluate penn state's class today. You got to evaluate in february or december right. Absolutely you can't looked all the smoke cleared. The dust settled man like i said i personally i think they're going to get things turned around and i think they're going to get the course back on track. I really we do absolutely seen him do it before and i have a couple of track record pretty darn good earning oh they definitely do and they have a couple of close friends was on that staff that i know for a fact having been with them in the in the fight that they are elite recruiter so it's not that they're lacking personnel to bring in rate recruits. It's going to happen inches right now. It's kind of a struggle for him. You gotta fight your way out of it. It's like losing streak. You know one way out mcallen you battling kicking stretch your way out. That's at the other school. I wanted to touch on before we have one or two general questions but i wanted to touch on michigan and what's going on up up ann arbor. I haven't really felt them. In recruiting. I never felt when i was an assistant coach but i recruited south florida and virginia beach and they didn't recruit that area very hard <hes> but but just kind of on the inside nationally and now in ohio specifically because they've always recruited ohio hard. What's what's the feeling towards awards this the team up north in the jim harbaugh staff yeah. I think there's some excitement up there with what they're doing. I i think you mentioned josh gathers and i think he's brought a little a little juice that maybe that offense is gonna get opened up a little bit. Maybe those playmakers. We're going to get used a little better and you know. This is always the caveat in the summer. You know every spring training in baseball when everybody thinks they're going to win the world. I'm serious and then you know reality does set in with your won loss record so michigan. This is a huge year for them. Offense back at all lines back back huby back receivers back. You know they're going to their little running back and then we gotta see kind of defensive put together but they should be able to score points. Is this year well if i know domino if dom brown their defense is gonna be salty. That doesn't mean that they'll they'll they'll develop. They'll move guys around schematically. They'll they'll hide guys. They'll do something to make sure that defensive salty so. I think we're going to be really good this year. I think expectations are high. I think they should be high and and you know well if they come out and get smacked by higher state. Go ballgame gets slapped again than the drumbeat gets louder what the hecker we're doing up here. We beat all the bad teams. We can't beat any of the good teams now it runs. The table goes undefeated wins. The big ten goes to the play offs then everything's forgot businesses. What have you done for me lately business <hes> two more questions for you and then a final question that i know the answer to the first one is if you had to rank the top five recruiting staffs with momentum right now in the country based on kind. I know what you're hearing. What recruits are saying what who who were the top five. Well i mean i've always got alabama up there and they had the law staff changes so it doesn't matter you know can be million you out. There with nick and nick is not high. I mean if you look at what he's done. Just in recruiting forget the championships and holidays forget the championships right right <hes> but just looking at recruiting. I mean it's amazing what he does a year after year people negative through the heck out of him. It doesn't matter does help you but you keep saying he's not gonna be there. He's old. He's yeah okay good luck and then you know he will come.

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