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That. You want to be healthier? You just don't know. What to do all these shows telling you this and that, but nothing seems to work will listen close. Golden State media Cossacks has got something. Great for you. The health and wellness podcast dedicated to work out healthy eating habits, diet and everything about healthy living. Join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest. Let live it to the healthiest. Welcome back to the technology podcast in a segment we're talking about where sports and technology of crossover. I mean, if you haven't listened to money other podcasts do couple other sports podcasts here on the GMC to podcast network. But we're gonna talk about tech and sports here in this segment. Ideally, we're gonna be talking about safety, and how technology can help keep our athletes more safe and keep them on the field longer and keep them from getting these nasty, or at least we're able to find out if they had these nasty head injuries. There's lots of different technology regarding real time. Time information, grabbing obviously protection we have these new helmets. We have new pads? They're coming out. They'll talk about later in the segment, but right now, we're talking about a mouthguard actually that you can you can that is now going to be on sale for. Football select flick, sports sporting suck at schools and use OC will be able to buy this headwear for their athletes and his mouth guard that actually has an app connected to it as help prevent biometrics. And it it where you were the mouthguard actress normal now, obviously and help keep your teeth from getting knocked out if you get pops in the mouth, but it also is going to give your trainer a real or coach a real time assessment of how your brain function, how your brain isn't of your separate a concussion or not. I mean, we now we have all these different regulations and rules regarding concussion protocols that are usually done off a visual tests where you have athletes in front of a doctor, and whether they're going to be testing there is testing their motor functions. What what have you those improve in inconclusive or just not as trustworthy as as these as a real time? Data can be a cat. Can be. I mean, we have magin having an app on the sideline as it as a trainer with your entire roster on all these guys were in these little or ladies wearing these little mouth guards. And you somebody gets hit in the head. You can Amelie look at the app. Look at your look at the readings, and it could tell you if they're in danger for concussion or if they've suffered one because the I'm concussions it is. It is really about early detection. And it's gonna be a nice way to to keep these people say, I mean, these these are athletes we like watching on TV, these athletes that are putting their playing sports that are they're passionate in the last one. Last thing we want to see is is something terrible happen to them or have some sort of head injury that is gone unnoticed as we have seen in the past. They have been an issues within National Football League and concussions that we have seen. Documentaries come out. We there was a movie with wool Smith came out. Call concussion that. Was about. C T E, which is a disease that you get in the brain have lesions in the brain after repeated concussions, and where you have had doctors that found out what it was and try to approach the NFL about it. And they weren't able to get any kind of traction there. And actually the NFL ended up trashing one of the trashing the career of one of the medical examiner's, Dr Malo who was he was played by Wilson in the movie, but he's now works out in California. But it's interesting it just interesting magic if he had technology like this where he's able to get readings in real time from hits that happen seconds before. So about versus cutting having to cut into people's brains that were donated from previous NFL players you. That's what that's where they were able to find out and then. Find out what C T E is. And how what the effects concussions can have on people. Also in sports, obviously, we have a lot of different technologies going on these days. When it comes to player safety. We have these we have new football pads that are just very very good. And now all these helmets, and our actually developing even a they're developing a new kind of turf that is going to be it's a high tech turf that has civic of little padding underneath the grass where you can kinda give just has more give to it. So when it because we have all these injuries caused by guys hitting or lays hitting the ground head first whether they're being tackled or they fall to the ground or push the there's a lot of sports whether it's men's or women's. There have our our contact sports rehab people falling to the ground, and he had the ground isn't soft people. Just it's it's it's definitely it's in the come come out you pretty quick. So if we are able to get field with turf that have a little more give have this special cushioning underneath it. That'd be quite quite the advancement in our sport, sports technology and keeping our players safe. So when it comes to that. That's definitely something we need think about the problem is here with all these gadgets. I was just talking about the mouthguard is the price point hasn't quite reached the fact where it's. I mean, obviously, it can be it's re-. It's not reasonable. Let's say it's a reasonable price point. Quite yet. For like say, you're going to buy for your son is this. Oh, you're young young young kid, right right away. I mean this Mel card is two hundred dollars one hundred nine and the storage cases in additional thirty nine dollars. I mean, that's not quite the price point. We want to in order to make it affordable for apparent of of eight year old or nine year old or whatever have you that even they don't even have to play tackle football people concussions in soccer, people Gushin's in the cross and they talk to in basketball baseball, all of the place. So the fact that they need to make maybe make the technology little more Ford -able for whether it's a individual family buying for their kid or make it maybe it's a team that can't quite afford buying whatever fifty of them for full team twelve for basketball team doesn't matter to the numbers adept. So this this technology is out there. But we seem to make a little more Ford -able for everybody. To to get going here. We have new pads can do the same thing football pads that what you can you can wear that have sensors in them that will give you a little more kinky view a reading or have a little more protection. And when it comes to concussions and concussion blows. They protect your protect your bone structure into keep keep it away from were kind of spread the entire kinetic blow across a flat plain versus having appointed injury. Where you're going to lead to. To specific pain in whether it's broken bones or a separated shoulder bested knee. I mean, this is this is where we're getting to sports they're getting faster and faster, and this is the crossover from technology and sports while we have to make improvements. Do our our safety and our into our gear that will help these players and teams keep stay healthy and stay on the field and play for longer and play smarter and play more confident because they'll worse than you wanted somebody who's not who's not confident enough because they're afraid they're gonna get hurt. Again. I've been I remember going to school having these players get hurt two or three times. Others just came back from a knee injury had surgery dollar rehab and everything and then they get hurt again. So I mean, if there's any team the tech world that. Anything in the tech sector that can start working to little more getting some more advanced -ment seen some more companies out there get going. It's definitely when it comes to sports safety sports are pretty popular regarding we have a United States millions of kids playing soccer millions of kids playing baseball. I mean, even tackle football at youth level is becoming more and more popular. We have to keep those kids safe. There's gonna be more and more technology technological advancements. When it comes to helmets. In the fact that down we're going to have these special foam in different kinds of ways to keep these helmets and get them from being more concussion concussion prone and get them more to where it's more of

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