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Of hours but check out this mailman who is committed to doing his job you can see in this picture he was a knee deep in water still going door to door he was on foot with many roads closed because of the rapid flooding nor orleans resident adam dawson shared this photo to his facebook page praising the male man's bravery too long stir fishermen in maine hough in a real national dwell out on the water gather up in acadia national park polling there lobster traps when they spotted something struggling as they pulled a little closer they saw that it was a bird struggling to stay afloat but it wasn't just any bird it was a bald eagle jon stewart we are american bald eagle trying to take five now the two men used a piece of wood held get that bird on their boat as the vote headed back to land they planned on turning the eagle over to the game boarded but the other plans flying off and landing safely on airbus iraq's to dry out you know i'm pretty impressed with that ego swimming skills and had the motions are and gaba i'm sure still with all those feathers at weighed down quite a bit oh yeah and todd if i remember correctly you saw bald eagle around here correct i saw one of our moore's whereas or just a few weeks ago as you know this couple times now so they're definitely around great sight to see their sorin through the skies all right outside right now we're dealing with a few isolated rain showers still across southern portions essentially the worker with rush real shelbyville down towards greens of murray shower activity right now it's just about it a little further to the salvage work from seymour over towards bedford their long us fifty all have the windshield wipers on this morning as well as you're dealing with this light rain but it should move out of the area early quickly here within the next hour to eventually pushing off towards cincinnati and points eastward as works its way into ohio for minneapolis to the north we're dealing with mainly clear skies word now so here are those showers isn't picked up on true cast is the other fade away here over the next hour or two and then we're left with mostly cloudy skies throughout the dates could be a.

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