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Three at halftime wins. Me wouldn't surprise me at all. I think andrea swift at at twenty one. Sorry i'm at twenty four this week and but i like him jamal williams again lower than you would normally play them but actually think those guys because both guys should be involved in the passing game. And i do think i'm with you. I think i think san francisco probably kills them. And so i think there's i think there's some junk time. I think there's some dump offs. That's a fierce defensive front for the forty niners and we know that the lines are supposed to have decent offensive line here. But they're going to get to jared goff. Jared goff does not do well under pressure. At least he didn't in la and so my expectation is both swift and jamaal williams are both good pass catching running backs and i think. Npr formats both guys will be reasonably viable this week. You know in a in a in a way. So i don't know if anybody about i don't know if daniels to find you're aware of this yet but i have been told that there has been confirmation that daniel and their two teams are playing against each other. They have made a wager already and wandered into the into the studio earlier today with these dazzled gucci sunglasses. Probably more than my house true. Meanwhile daniel fine well. It wasn't star. Find your has to walk by paparazzi every single time. She has to get through. It is what it is. Has those her security detail. Just doesn't always get all of them. Rice and daniel has a sweet motorcycle. So i've been told that if the lions win. He annual gucci sunglasses. If the forty niners. Winston finally gets to ride the motorcycle for the rest of the season to work. That's accurate this sunglasses with a helmet. But you can wear sunglasses. What else is this friendly. Eps feel what do you mean. Make a wager. What if what if. What if the lions win to find your has to grow a big bushy beard. Yeah no she's capable of the joke. Now what's the line. How much are you going to give me stuff on you. Start to get his podcast track. Do not have you listen to this. Podcast never to find you. She won't give lines. Okay what's the line currently points. That's not enough. I need eleven negotiate. He's done hold your ground. We can't wait. I'll take it. What's the by. I'll take it. We'll figure out what's your official alleged at the end of the podcast. We'll talk about some committees this weekend that we want to figure out what they are going to look like. Once the games actually begin which means it's time for us to go to brought to you by truly hard seltzer and in that game we were just talking about the forty niners and the detroit lions. The question is. Can you start both forty niners running backs against detroit. I say definitively know matthew. What do you say. So yes really. They're going to kill him. Trace urban trae sermon. I'm in the room league against this week. I'm starting trae sermon against her. Wow i love team not a sixteen team league. I wouldn't do it trae sermon. He's sniped from me. By the way in the draft title in the draft rooms. To find your when i i went back to back with trae lance and trae sermon. That way i didn't. I always mess up. Their names. Called trae lansbury sermons vice versa. So i drafted those two back to back before it got back to you doing. It's defined says in the in the in the chat she goes. I am never speaking to you again. I have to regret. I said you know what promises so look to regrets for me in the preseason. I just think they're going to. I think they're going to run over to troy. And i think both guys get significant work really. I think it's a committee you think it's almost i think it's very much to begin the season. And then we'll see beside beyond that you. Have you have trace sermon at running back. Forty two i might be too high. Wow yeah i mean trey sermons a top forty fantasy running back this week. I say that the turf you want to do that one. Yeah let's do it this week. I'll take that. I say trae sermon is a top forty fantasy running back in week. One i say. I is not a top forty running back in week. One put on the board feels be honestly. I have him at thirty two. And i think i might be too low on trace around and we both agree on moster though right my team. Dr season have to progress from this. Preseason not be more bullish. On robbie anderson for the full year and not being more bullish on rahim moster at least to begin the season and maybe for the full year two regrets and fantasy. This i mean. I'm with you. I look i heard at twenty two among running backs in my preseason ranks and i thought that that might still be too low. I've been high on trae sermon. All throughout the process he's one of my big sleepers. By the way i i have robbie anderson in the war room league. Let's talk. let's talk a little trade it. I'll tell you what though field we. I think we all agree. Correct that this is basically. If you're in a pigskin pigskin picking league. This is like a free square for just to take the forty niners this week right..

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